5 time-saving mum hacks for a zen bath and bedtime routine.

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I’m not sure when it happened, but somewhere in my ’30s I became that woman.

The woman who looked forward to nothing more than slipping into my floppiest PJ pants, settling into the couch and winding down with some trashy telly after a day at work.

Oh yeah, it’s all party, party, party over here.

I had a routine – my super-fast daily dose of home pampering that would keep me looking fresh as a daisy each morning, delivering the utmost chillaxing time the night before.

Then along came kids. Those scrumptious little buttons of mine managed to suck up my ‘me’ time faster than I could say mani-pedi.

Keeping things simple seems to work for us and sticking to a few tried and tested tricks has led our little family into the swing of a calm before-bed routine.

1. Timing is important.

The Australian Government’s Raising Children website says a regular bedtime routine, starting around the same time each night, encourages good sleep patterns.

Pick a time that works for their age and stick to it like glue. Getting the little loves into bed at the same time each night means they drift off faster and wake less, giving you some of your precious time – and sleep – back.

2. The cranky-to-calm routine that always works.

A tantrum-free zone. Pretty please! Image: Supplied.

Everyone’s a little cranky at the end of the day. But once little tummies have had their fill, look to the bathroom for the next respite.

A splash under the shower or a lie in the bath is just the tonic to snap anyone, of any age, out of the grumps and onto the path to the land of nod.

Double-duty bath products that work for the whole family keep it simple for mum and dad in the middle of witching hour.

Our entire household uses QV Skin Lotion after a bath or shower, giving our skin a little love and attention. In a handy pump pack, the lotion is light and very easily absorbed and works like a dream when slathered all over to hydrate and relieve dry skin.

It’s suitable for sensitive skin and I can also use it on my young son’s eczema, as well as on my dry elbows and hands.

The low-irritant and fragrance-free lotion doesn’t have a lingering scent that causes me to sneeze or my children (or husband) to complain.


3. Get over the rough patches.

When my children were babies, I learnt some basic infant massage techniques that I still use on them. A soothing massage leads to a relaxed parent and child, which can absolutely save you time nagging them to go to sleep already if their minds and bodies are at ease.

Not only does massage encourage a child to sleep deeper and longer, but Infant Massage Australia says massage can be adapted to use on children of all ages. The rich QV Cream helps to hydrate the skin and is a great product to use for a mini massage sesh at home. A day of crawling and exploring can be hard on little knees and constant wiping and washing can leave everyone’s skin flaky and dry.

This cream contains squalane, a moisturising ingredient that is also found naturally in the skin, helping to hydrate the dry rough patches. While smoothing QV Cream onto my kids, my hands are soaking up the cream too – helping to soothe scaly dry skin caused by years of changing nappies, washing hands and well, housework.

A day of crawling and exploring can be hard on little knees. Image: Supplied.

4. When they want something more to eat...

Even if there’s been a three-course meal served you can guess the kids will throw you an “I’m still hungry” curveball as the clock nears the bedtime deadline.

A banana is an appealing (sorry!) snack because it contains nutrients that optimise a good night’s sleep.

A warm glass of milk can also help.

We’re going for peace and quiet here, folks, not wired and wild – so avoid the sweet artificial treats.

5. The book nook.

When the PJs are on and they’ve been to the toilet and brushed their teeth, then it’s story time in our house.

A book before bed is quality time between a parent and child and a moment of stillness after a hectic day.

Choosing a book – a favourite from the home library or something borrowed – allows kids feel like they have some control over their bedtime routine.

Who’s really in control though? It’s not by mistake that we do our reading in their rooms while they’re tucked up in bed…because then we often find little sleepy heads beside us when we turn to the last page.

What's your routine for a calm bath and bedtime?

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