LEIGH CAMPBELL: The difference between a hydrated and moisturised body, and how to achieve both.

If you’re a regular listener of You Beauty you’ll know I’m pretty flaky when it comes to body care.

I’d say my face gets about 80 per cent of the action, my hair another 15, and from the neck down I devote a measly 5 per cent of my beauty energy. 

That’s why my body is sometimes moisturised, but never really hydrated. Even though ‘beauty’ is my job, I’m lazy, busy and time-poor, and my cracked shins will agree with that. 

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The key difference here is that moisturising is the act of ‘doing’, whereas being hydrated is the result of doing the act consistently. You slap on some body butter. Are you moisturised? Yep! Are you hydrated? Not yet - not unless you do it diligently.

And diligence isn't my strong suit. I quit high school halfway through year 11, after all. I’m a natural rule breaker. And you know what suffers? My ashy-looking knees and crusty elbows.

That’s why I try to address my body hydration issue at every step. Instead of relying on myself to apply lotion religiously morning and night, which ain’t going to happen, I try to work moisturising into other steps of my grooming routine.

Firstly, in the shower. 

A body wash specifically formulated for dry skin will set you off on your hydration journey nicely. Most often really nourishing formulas won't foam as much as traditional body washes and will be more of a cream or oil consistency.

Some of my faves are:

La Roche-Posay Lipikar Syndet AP+ Cream Wash, $33.95


Spa of the World Tahitian Tiaré Bath & Shower Oil-In-Gel, $16.00

Image: The body shop.

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil, $39.00


QV Bath Oil Shower & Bath Oil, $18.99

Image: QV

Then of course I still try to complete the body lotion step if I can. It can be surprisingly tricky though. If I’m wearing jeans, or leather pants, or one of my nice silk shirts I’ll skip it because I don't have time to do the jump-and-yank into my bottoms and I don't want to ruin my fancy tops.

Another place I sneak it in is the bath. I love using magnesium flakes or bath salts but they can be pretty drying, so if I don't have aches and pains to soothe I’ll always use an oil in my tub. 


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It doesn't have to be a specific bath oil either - I’ve used body oils, face oils (ones that I didn't like the texture of on my face) and even olive or coconut oil if I didn't have anything else. 

Once out of the bath I pat (not rub) my limbs and torso dry and usually the oil has done its job and I don't have to apply body lotion. 

Oh, and make sure you clean the bath afterwards if you share a bathroom. It’s a slip hazard waiting to happen. 

Some of my faves are:

Ipsum Body Oil, $45

Thank You Bath And Body Oil, $14.49

Jurlique Lemon Body Oil, $39

And the last step is if I’m tanning. 

I love a mousse formula for the speed and efficiency, but if I need a bit of colour in the winter months, I will always reach for a cream formulation. 

Creams are way more moisturising, which helps to counteract some of the dryness caused by tanning (which is inherently going to happen as the tan tries to cling to your skin).

Some of my faves are:

ModelCo Natural Tan Lotion, $16

Eco Tan Invisible Tan, $34.95

Luna Bronze Radiance Self Tanning Lotion, $32.95

All of these little swaps over time lead to hydrated skin, not just moisturised skin! 

I’d love to know your favourite body moisturiser or hydration hack. Leave a comment below, and fill me in! 

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