How to care for the most neglected parts of your body.

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They deserve equal love as well, goddammit.

When it comes to looking after our bodies, our faces are the top priority. We (nearly) always cleanse, moisturise and religiously slather on the SPF when we’re out in the sun. The same goes for our hair and hands – and even our legs once winter hibernation is over.

But what about those body parts you don’t regularly see? The kind of awkward bits that you skimp on in a second if you’re rushing to get ready – or wouldn’t even think of at all?

From your underarms right down to your toes, here’s how to care for the most neglected parts of your body.


Let’s face it, feet have a hard job so it’s time to pay it forward. If your feet are dry and cracked, treat them to a weekly exfoliation routine, using a scrub followed by a gentle pumice stone rub. For extra soft feet, slather them in moisturiser and pop on socks before you go to bed. When you wake up in the morning, they’ll be silky smooth.

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Happy feet, happy life. Image via iStock.


If there was ever a mistreated body part, it’s the underarm. They’re hastily shaved and waxed and often hidden in embarrassment. Using Dove Original Deodorant Roll On or Aerosol is a great way to show them some TLC – providing 24 hour protection from sweat and odour, it also boasts the benefit of skincare, giving your skin a serious boost of hydration. The unique formula is made up of one quarter moisturising cream meaning our underarms are finally given the chance to repair themselves from the damage that comes with shaving. After all, it’s second nature to moisturise legs after shaving to ensure they look great – why not the same with your armpits?


And as an added bonus, this process of moisturisation means you’re less likely to develop any irritation or red bumps. Winning.

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Dove Original Deodorant Aerosol 100g RRP $5.25. Image: Supplied.


Many people think skincare stops at your neck – but, it’s not the case. A simple way to care for your décolletage is to make sure that any moisturising or hydrating product you’re applying to your face gets extended right down to your décolletage. The skin on your chest is also less sensitive, so don’t be afraid to give it an extra exfoliation throughout the week. The signs of wear and tear or ageing are often more visible here, so keep skin soft and subtle with moisturiser and PLENTY of SPF.

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“Many people think skincare stops at your neck – but, this is not the case.” Image: iStock.

Your back.

Your back is probably one of the hardest places to care for – namely because most of us can’t actually reach it – or see it. If you’re like me and suffer from the occasional bout of bacne, looking after it properly is even more imperative. In the shower every few days, I rub an exfoliating scrub over my shoulders and the top of my back before rinsing off with warm water.

If your pimples are having a serious outbreak, apply an acne-fighting facial cleanser (yes, facial – it works the best) to clear up the situation. You might need to grab a friend to apply moisturiser all over your back. And when the sun’s shining I love to add a drop of shimmering oil to my moisturiser for that extra glow.


Your knees are often the driest part of your legs and naturally deserve extra attention. A gentle exfoliation every week doesn’t go amiss, as well as focusing extra moisturiser on the caps.

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“A gentle exfoliation every week doesn’t go amiss.” Image via iStock.


It’s a similar situation with elbows, especially when you’re using them to constantly lean on things. Here it less about exfoliation and more about hydration. In addition to your regular routine, whenever you apply hand cream, try applying some extra to your elbows – or even just rub in the excess cream. Ensuring you’re drinking lots of water throughout the day will also go a long way.

What is your most neglected body part?