Oh good. The Hollywood trend we thought was over is back again.

In rather alarming news fresh out of celebrity land, apparently size 000 isn’t just for teeny-tiny newborns any more.

Just when we thought the ‘size 00’ phenomenon of the early-to-mid noughties was officially a thing of the past, a report by Grazia UK  this week has suggested that many Hollywood women are aiming to add a third zero to the tags on their already slender designer gowns.

Yep, size 000 has arrived.

“Right now it’s in to be thin in Hollywood,” an LA-based insider tells the magazine. “It’s a cut-throat industry and it’s no secret that stars can make headlines out of being scarily skinny.”

These days, one look at the popularity of  ‘curvier’ celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Christina Hendricks and Kate Upton would suggest the industry has moved away from the super-slim silhouette and spindly limbs popularised by women like Kate Bosworth, Nicole Ritchie and Mischa Barton circa 2005.

But the source says that’s not really the case on the inside.

“It’s not about size zero any more. These days, double-zero sizes don’t cut it either. Size triple zero is the number-one goal here.”

Via model @LangleyFox on Instragam

Considering the US size 0 roughly equates to an Australian size six, we’re talking about some seriously tiny proportions here. According to Grazia, to achieve a 000 size tag a woman’s waist needs to measure just 23 inches around. That’s the kind of waistband size you tend to find on skirts marketed to 8-year-old girls.

Of course, small frames come naturally for some people. But when women whose bodies aren’t naturally that small are reportedly taking extreme measures to get there, it’s nothing short of scary.


For us non-Hollywood folk, size 000 seems extreme. Vanity sizing has undoubtedly played a role in its emergence, but experts are also pointing the finger at the ever-growing influence of social media.

Research has established that regularly looking at selfies and other photos on Facebook, Instagram and other networking sites can have a negative impact on how young women view their bodies. So when you consider how popular some celebrities and models are on Instagram, it’s not hard to fathom that their followers (famous or not) might be feeling the pressure to slim down.

“Celebrities know that if they post a picture of themselves looking skinny, with ribs on show, they’ll get attention,” A-list trainer James Duigan tells Grazia. “But it isn’t always real – sometimes they’re breathing in and sometimes the angle makes them look thinner than they really are.”

Outside of social media, you only have to look to the red carpet for further proof that extreme slimness is a form of currency in Hollywood. Actresses often dramatically reduce their food intake and up their fitness regimens come awards season to ensure their couture gowns have less flesh to cling to, and some make no secret of it.

It’s enough to make your head hurt.

With any luck, this size 000 business will a) turn out to be completely fabricated, or b) go the way of other flash-in-the-pan Hollywood trends. Because ridiculous fashion fads are one thing, but putting your health at risk for the sake of a dress size usually reserved for infants is straight-up dangerous.

If this has raised any issues for you or you need help or support you can call the Butterfly Foundation support line on 1800 334 673.

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