These six easy questions will determine if your relationship is doomed. Apparently.

Nothing screams ‘ROMANCE’ quite like pulling up a webpage, and answering six questions to determine just how likely your relationship is to fail, right?



In all seriousness, sometimes it’s better to know sooner rather than later that the love you are hanging all your hopes on is a sinking ship.

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"OH GOD please tell me this is worth my time." Image via iStock.

Enter Data Robot, who have determined the six simple questions that can reveal whether you've found the person of your dreams...or if your relationship is headed for a nightmare ending.

And while you may think that determining the value of a relationship should entail some pretty tricky questions, this quiz proves the exact opposite.

With questions like 'What is your relationship status?' and 'How many years have you and your partner been together?', the quiz is easier than that spelling test you got 99 per cent on back in year three.

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WE WON! Is that how it works?! Image via iStock.

Surprisingly, there's quite a bit of science involved: the creators of the survey stalked tracked the relationships of 4000 people over several years, determining the common factors that make couples more likely to stay together.

Things like, being married, being together for a long period of time and being of a similar age are apparently all indicators that a relationship will blossom, rather than perish.

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For example, the quiz tells me there is a 96.3 per cent probability my relationship will still be functioning two years from now.

Having zero dependents, being married and being of a similar age is helping, Data Robot tells me.

Still, once those two years are up, I'm assuming it's all downhill from there...