Killer hairstyles for thin hair.

Life is unfair a lot of the time; men hold majority of the power in the world, a ticket overseas from Australia is always going to be minimum $1000, and thick, volumous hair is fetishised in the beauty industry leaving little room for people like me with my fine, wispy strands.

But that’s okay because we know better than to just roll over and accept our fate. We will fight until the day we can finally say women run the world, amiright, ladies? We will go on that holiday even if we have to work our butt’s off  to afford it. And we can always find ways to make thin hair as ‘wow’ worthy as a quintessential Victoria Secret model thick, hot-roller hair.

Seeing as us ladies are still working on running the world and I’m definitely still working on getting enough cash together for a plane ticket, let’s knock some killer hairstyles for thin hair right out of the park and have a win for today, shall we?

You are a pixie. Own it.

Emma Watson with her pixie cut, or as I like to call it the chic-xie cut. Image: Getty

It's a simple rule of physics* with thin hair the longer it is the less volume you achieve naturally. But, just like physics, the opposite is also true. Chopping your hair off  and getting a cute pixie do leaves thin hair as light as a feather and therefore easier to whip up and create volume.*Not actually a rule of physics but it makes me sound a lot smarter than I am when I say things like that.


Long layered ombre hair.

Rachel Bilson rocking that Ombre

If you can't quite part with those locks of yours, never fear. Long hair can work for ladies with fine hair, you just have to create volume in other ways; layers and ombre colouring.

For those of us not up to date with the hair trend lingo, ombre, similar to balayage, is when one colour is blended softly into another usually starting with a darker colour at the roots to a lighter colour on the ends. Pair ombre with the aforementioned layers and voila, you will create heaps of depth in your thin hair. Extra tip for even more volume: curl those tresses)

Mid length bob cut with choppy layers.

Julianne Hough working her hair. Look at the volume people!

This is probably my personal favourite of all the hairstyles for thin hair, purely because the look itself is so versatile and quintessentially Australian (ie: low maintenance).

Oh and of course, it looks friggin amazing. For extra volume add light curls for a no-fuss, chic, beachy look.

Add a headband, Alice in Wonderland.

Keira Knightley is no stranger to adding a headband to her do.

One of the perils of thin hair  is that sometimes it can look flat and blocked together. Adding a simple hair accessory like a pretty headband can be all it takes to break up the hair and give you more freedom to style volume around and behind it.

Braids for days.

Cara Delevingne looking damn fierce with her side braid.

This is so on trend right now, create volume to your style by adding a simple braid down one side. This can work for almost any style you choose whether it is in a pony tail, a bun or just hanging loose. The side braid will make the hair stick out a bit further and instantly creates depth around the face.

Now go out there ladies, give them some va-va-VOOM and make me proud.