A man tried to date six women in one night. (Spoiler: It backfired spectacularly.)

There’s nothing wrong with exploring the dating pool while single, with casting your net wide to see what’s out there.

But when one especially ambitious bloke tried doing that in one night, at one bar, all he emerged with was the collective ire of several thousand Twitter users and precisely zero second dates.

According to a viral Twitter thread by a generous soul named Lisette Pylant, the eligible bach had decided it would be prudent to schedule five back-to-back dates in a single evening.

She was Date Number One.

And so her story begins…

Maybe Cassanova should have tried these… (Post continues below.)

“So I go on what I think might be a date with a guy my friends set me up on on my birthday,” the Washington D.C. woman wrote on Monday evening.

The date is arranged for a local bar, and despite a warning text from a mate who works there that “this guy sucks” and she “should run”, Lisette shows up anyway. Because, you know, manners.


After a brief chat, Date Number Two agrees to hang around with a view to punishing her date for what he is: a “f***boy” (her words, not mine).

Before long, Date Number three arrives and she too gets on board with the plot.

And then Number Four…

And Five…

Until finally, Six.

When Number One… sorry, Lisette, ultimately confronts him at toward the end of the evening, he says, “I’m a project manager, I manage my time efficiently…”

FBoy then mumbles something about looking for love, for his future wife, and then says they weren’t dates anyway, just “pre-date conversations”.

Which totally makes it OK.


At the end of it all, our heroine reflects, “You win some, you lose some – but hopefully you make three new best friends in the process. Cheers ladies.”

If you’re holding a glass while reading this, now is the time to raise it.

Cheers in-bloody-deed.

Image: Twitter.