The new Australian TV show that could be "even better than Offspring."

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If you still feel a stab of pain on Wednesday nights at the exact moment when Offspring used to air, we have the antidote for you.

It’s called Sisters and it’s coming to your screens very, very soon.

From the team that brought you Offspring and Puberty Blues, it’s a new series Mamamia Entertainment Editor Laura Brodnik is very excited about.

It follows the story of an IVF pioneer called Julius Bechly, played by Barry Otto, who makes a death-bed confession to his daughter Julia (Maria Angelico) that he used his own sperm during his career as a fertility specialist.

Listen: Laura Brodnik explains why Sisters is the new Australian TV show you need in your life on Mamamia’s Entertainment Podcast, The Binge. 

As a result, Julia could have hundreds of siblings. And as the media catches wind of the scandal, she decides to do the most logical thing – throw a party to meet all her stranger-siblings and let them know the truth about who their father is.

She discovers that of the sea of new family members, she has just two sisters. Roxy (played by musical theatre legend Lucy Durack) is a troubled children’s TV host while Edie (Antonia Prebble) is described as a “beligerent” lawyer.

The series follows the three women as they try to make sense of their new relationships.

The all-star casting continues with the likes of Magda Szubanski, Roy Billing, Catherine McClements, Dan Spielman, Charlie Garber, Lindsay Farris and Joel Creasey.

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"We're really due for another heartwarming, addictive, female-led Australian drama," said Laura said on the latest episode of entertainment podcast The Binge.

"We do have some incredible female-led shows in Australia, Wentworth is the first one that comes to mind, but there's really room in this genre for another big player. That cast teamed with that creative team means we're in for something special, and the premise is incredibly unique. The stakes will be high, we'll have to see these women muddle through this awkward encounters but at it's heart it's just a really solid family drama.

"From the few sneak peaks we've seen, it looks totally addictive."

The Binge co-host Clare Stephens reckons the killer cast will bring the humour element that made Offspring such a good show.

"I do love drama but there's so much of it, I really need a laugh," she said.

For the full review, and everything else you need to be watching on TV this week, listen to this week's episode of The Binge below.

Sister premieres Wednesday 25 October At 8.40pm on Channel 10.

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