The viral comedy video that says what we've all been thinking about "the sisterhood".

Ah, the sisterhood. The concept that women should defend other women because “layyydeez, we’re in it together”.

It’s a sweet idea but it doesn’t apply if say, your ‘sister’ is an anti-vaxxing abortion protester who voted for Trump.

(Hello Susan.)

The brilliant minds behind comedy trio Skit Box have taken this concept of ‘sisterhood’ and turned it into a catchy tune as part of their ABC comedy series, Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am.

Skit Box previously skyrocketed to fame after their video about active wear went viral.

Listen to the girls from Skit Box speak about their new TV show with Rosie Waterland and Laura Brodnik on The Binge. Post continues after audio.

The latest song plays on that winning formula of relatable lyrics, catchy beats and some all Aussie realness to deliver a truly good song.

“Sisterhood, sisterhood, say nothing bad about the sisterhood,”

“I was going to say that you copied my sales pitch but then I didn’t ’cause sisterhood,

I was going to say you’re a bit of a rude bitch but then I didn’t ’cause sisterhood.” 

The song is brilliant in its ability to check in on the very real idea that sometimes, you let your friends get away with shit because #friendship.

Unless they really are an anti-vaxxing abortion protester who voted for Trump.

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