It's Sir Ian McKellen and Cookie Monster. Together. What more do you need?




Well this is just beyond adorable.

Sir Ian McKellen has teamed up with Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster to teach kids what the word ‘resist’ means.


First, they introduce themselves, and Sir Ian explains to Cookie Monster that ‘resist’ means staying away from something that you really, really want:


Sir Ian then tries to use a magical golden ring as an example:


But Cookie Monster is all, “Why would I care about some dumb ring?” So Ian pulls out something that he knows Cookie Monster will find impossible to resist. COOKIE:


The only problem is, because the lesson is about the word ‘resist’, Cookie Monster has to resist the cookie. He struggles with this:


And struggles:


And struggles:


But as soon as the lesson is over, Sir Ian, big ol’ softie that he is…


Well, the kids would have got the gist, at least.

Watch the full video here:








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