Nupur was turned away from her hotel room because she was a "single lady".

A woman travelling has been denied entry to her pre-booked hotel room in India this week, with staff telling her they do not allow single women to stay at their establishment.

Sharing the sexist and outdated policy on Facebook, Nupur Saraswat wrote, “I am standing outside a hotel in Hyderabad which didn’t let me stay because they realised I was a “single lady” even after confirming the online booking.

“Yup, massive bag in hand, gross from the journey – just standing outside the hotel.”

single woman banned from hotel in india
Nupur Saraswat. Source: Facebook.

Saraswat, an artist who had travelled to Hyderabad to perform, continued: "Somehow they decided I was safer on the streets than in the hotel. Funny huh, how patriarchy works?"

Saraswat says was scheduled to stay at the Hotel Deccan Erragadda, but due to a policy that bans single women and unmarried people from staying, was turned away.

Her original booking had been made via the third party website Goibibo, which quickly helped her find another hotel in the city after the encounter.

After turning Saraswat away, the hotel provided Goibibo with a statement that explained their reasoning for not allowing single women to stay was in line with police advice.


“As per local police interaction we don’t give rooms to single woman and unmarried couples,” the statement, that makes absolutely no sense, read. As Saraswat pointed out, if the police's concern is for the safety of women travelling alone in their city, surely they are safer inside a locked hotel room than out on the street, no?

A day later, Saraswat posted a photo of herself within a new hotel room, thanking the 1,600 people who had shared the post, the 3,000 who had reacted and Goibibo for helping her find alternative accommodation.

single woman banned from hotel in india
Nupur Saraswat. Source: Facebook.

Alongside the photo, Saraswat wrote, "there are also those who have tried to silence this by asking 'why are you making a fuss if it's clearly stated in the policy?'

"Well I am making a fuss because I am not ready to settle. I am not ready to live in the fear of my safety anymore. I am not ready to have an entire system push me around until I 'find a man to travel with'."

Saraswat concluded, "I AM NOT READY TO BE CHAPERONED."

We can't argue with that.

Have you ever experienced problems travelling as a single woman? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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