This mum dressed up as a dad for "daddy day" at school and it's the best thing I've seen all week.

I’m always on the look out for Kick Arse Women doing Kick Arse Things of Kick Arsery™, and this week, it was a single mum who took the cake. Or the doughnut.

Whitney Kittrell has been raising her kids along for the last three years. She promised herself her two kids would never miss out.  She’s been teaching her kids how to play catch, kill bugs, and live a great life.

Whitney with her son and daughter. Source: Facebook

But then her son came home from primary school with a flyer for "dads and doughnuts" day.


With no "dad" on the scene, she sat him down and asked if he wanted to take grandpa instead.  And he said, "no mum, I want you to go. You're my mum AND dad."


So she thought, bugger it, I'm not letting a small thing like not being a "dad" get between me and a doughnut day.


So she dressed up as a bloke. And went to school.

"This morning I gathered up my best dad outfit, painted on some facial hair, and went to breakfast with my sweet son," she wrote.

"I was so embarrassed but I couldn't help but smile when he introduced me to his little friends saying 'this is my mum... she's my dad too so I brought her!'"

Never before has a fake moustache and beard brought so much joy.

The mum of two said she just wants her kids to know they're loved and, judging by her son's response, she's nailing it.

"When I went to leave he ran after me and hugged me tight around my neck and whispered 'mum... I know that you'll always be there and do anything for me. Thank you. I love you.' He kissed my cheek and ran off. I hope he remembers this day cause I'll never forget it or his sweet words."


Kittrell's story has already collected more than 224,000 reactions, been shared nearly 113,000 times and had the prestigious honor of being awarded my KAWDKATOKA award on the Mamamia Out Loud podcast this week:

Clearly, it struck a chord with many.

"I am a 57-year-old man who never knew my dad," one man commented.

"He died before my Mum was sure she was expecting me. I had 7 older brothers and sisters. I can assure you, your son will always remember what you did for him. The older he gets, the more he will appreciate it. Be proud of yourself."

Beautiful.  I'm definitely not crying right now. There's something in my eye.

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