The 8 simple things you can do in a single day to save lots of money.

We don’t want to make a snap judgment, but considering you clicked on this article, we’re going to guess you’re a little… disorganised… when it comes to money.

By “a little” we mean a lot.


The good news? The team at Zella Wealth – Australia’s millennial money experts – can guide you through the ultimate financial overhaul.

We’re going to whip your finances into shape in the time it’ll take you to binge the latest season of The Bold Type (one day, we mean one day).

Let’s do this.

Check your superannuation account

If you read that sub-header and thought “Well, technically it’s not an account, it’s accounts*” then you’re precisely the person we need to speak with.

You need to have one superannuation account. Not two, and definitely not five. One.

Want to know why? Additional super accounts translate to additional fees, which is basically like opening your wallet and pouring thousands of dollars down a drain. Which would be silly. Obviously.

The ASIC MoneySmart superannuation calculator shows that having one super account over 40 years will include $14,000 of fees. But if you have up to five accounts? You’re unnecessarily kissing an additional $56,000 of fees goodbye. See? Silly.

Superannuation might be boring, but it’s bloody important. We highly recommend speaking with a financial adviser to consolidate your super accounts and make sure you’re picking the right one – setting yourself up for retirement is important, even in your 20s.

Increase how much you’re paying back on debts

Short term pain, long term gain, buddy. You can choose to pay the minimum repayments, of course, but you’re going to absolutely cop it in interest. The wiser option is to pay any outstanding debt off quicker – free up your cash flow ASAP so you can allocate it to something more important. You’ll save both time and money, so it’s a win-win.

Bin the membership you haven’t used in months

We get it, you bought that fancy gym membership six months ago and envisaged a life full of pilates, yoga, and turmeric lattes. But then you figured out turmeric lattes taste like, well, crap, and that pilates is overrated.

We’ve all been there.

We’re not judging. But there is absolutely no point paying for monthly memberships you’re not getting any value from. Also, is it really necessary to have Netflix AND Stan?

Suss out your bank account

Do you know you’re more likely to leave your future wife or husband than leave the bank you set up your first proper account with? It’s MADNESS.

Are you paying fees? If you are, that’s about as fine as wearing white to your best friend’s wedding (not fine). Get outta there – plenty of other banks won’t sting you with ridiculous fees for absolutely no reason.

Don’t be scared to make your bank work for you; make sure your main savings account is, at the very least, earning you some decent interest. Better yet, invest it. There’s no use leaving money in an account to collect digital dust – give it the best possible chance to grow.

simple money saving tips
Money saving is a life skill! Image via Getty.

Set up a micro-investing app

They don’t always get the best rap, but investment apps like Raiz are akin to digital money tins.

They save a tiny portion of every transaction you make with your debit card and, through micro-investing, turn your cents into pretty sizeable chunks while you’re not even watching. Within a year you should have a few hundred dollars at least - why not use that money for Christmas presents so it doesn’t dent your savings account, or even put it towards a little holiday?

Bring your lunches to work

Alrighty, let’s crunch the numbers. Say you buy your lunch every week from the cafe near work. A drink plus a focaccia will set you back an absolute minimum of $12, right?

$12, five times a week, for 48 working weeks, equals $2880 a year. If you’re buying a $4.50 soy latte every morning that’ll bring your unnecessary food budget to $3960. Or, you know, return flights to Europe and at least 10 days of fancy accommodation.

Buying the ingredients from a local supermarket and pre-preparing your lunches won’t just save you money, it’ll save you stomach-churning jealousy when you scroll through Instagram and see all your girlfriends enjoying that Sail Croatia trip you couldn’t afford.

As for all those takeaway coffees, maybe it’s time to admit those instant sachets aren’t entirely awful?

Give up bottled water for good

Heard of a tap? Heard of the environment?

Yep - the truth hurts.

Look into vegetarian dinner recipes

Not just because they’re great for you - Australians significantly lack fibre in their diets - but because they’re cheaper. Meat is one of the most expensive food products, so while it’s a great source of iron and vitamin B12, it’s not always so kind on your bank balance.

Don’t cut it out, just cut it down.

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