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There was more to Simone and Xavier's television breakup than what we saw.

Most Married At First Sight fans switched off from last night’s finale thinking Simone and Xavier’s split was one-sided, but now it seems that wasn’t the case.

In the episode, we heard Simone decisively tell her ‘experimental husband’ his lack of intimacy was her reason for leaving. Calmly explaining she was so “clear in [her] decision” to “walk away”, Simone’s breakup speech looked to be a brutal blow for Xavier.

“I want someone who loves to spend time with me. I want somebody who is excited when I walk in that door and I want somebody, we genuinely wants to hold me. Not because they feel they have to but because they genuinely just want to hold me,” she told the speechless 26-year-old.

From what we were shown it looked like one of TV’s most epic, dramatic dumpings, but Simone has since reassured the public the desire to part ways was mutual.

Their first days together were complete bliss. Where did it all go so wrong? Post continues after video…

Video via Channel 9

“My decision was not a shock to Xavier. He agreed to walk away as well. Xavier and I were definitely on the same page,” the 29-year-old makeup artist told The Daily Telegraph today.

“Considering the situation, I’m very happy with my decision and I still stick by it today… My decision wasn’t just based on what you saw. It was based on lots of conversations we had.”

In fact, the former couple had multiple conversations leading up to the day they made their decisions.

“Xavier and I spoke about decision day. He knew things were missing in our relationship… He’s not romantic, that’s okay. That’s something that’s important. Just having somebody who genuinely wants to spend time with me, that’s what I‘m looking for,” she said.


“At the end of the it and even today, we both know it wasn’t right.”

Since completing the program, which was filmed from October to December last year, the pair have spoken a handful of times. This morning, they interacted briefly on social media, with Xavier thanking Simone and telling her she is “a great person”.

In reply, Simone commented: “As we said, wouldn’t want to have been matched with anyone else! Thanks for being on this journey with me. New beginnings, no regrets!”

Since the breakup of the relationship, Simone told the publication she’s been on a few dates and has a Tinder account, but so far has found nothing serious. And if you think she’s about to settle for anything less than special, you’re dreaming.

“I’m looking for true love. I’m not going to be with somebody just for the sake of it.”

Hear, hear Simone!