Shane Warne's ex-wife has weighed in on the Brynne Edelsten saga.

If you thought every person on the planet had already weighed in on the Shane Warne-Brynne Edelsten extravaganza of earlier this week, you’d be… well, only almost right.

It turns out there was one big player yet to weigh in: Warnie’s ex-wife Simone Callahan.

You can read all about what happened here if you missed it. 

Thankfully, that moment has arrived.

Thankful in the sense that this will all hopefully be over soon and we can return to our normal, Warne-free lives.

But I digress.

“No words. Wow,” Simone told The Daily Telegraphalthough we can’t confirm whether she was talking about Shynne (their official couple name) or the fact that somebody bothered to ask her what she thoughts of a series of allegedly faked text messages between her ex-husband and an ex-reality TV star.

“I didn’t even have a laugh to be honest,” she went on, which is fair, because Shane Warne’s love life is no laughing matter.

“It’s not for me to say anything,” Simone finished. “It’s his life, he can do what he wants.”

Good call, Simone. Any man who texts a “fashion entrepreneur” that he “can’t wait to devour her” isn’t worth your time, and is also possibly a cannibal.

Watch Warnie chatting to Waleed Aly on The Project. Look out for signs of cannibalism. 

Video via The Project