Simone Anderson posts new pictures of incredible body transformation.

Twenty months, 92kg and two surgeries later, Simone Anderson is finally healed. Inside and out.

Her “journey to health”, as she has dubbed it, has not only transformed her life, but has captivated hundreds of thousands on social media.

“I promised from day one that what I was sharing with people would be the honest journey,” she previously told People, “and it would be the ups, the downs, the goods and the bads.”


That journey began in 2014 when Simone weighed 169kg.

At that point, the Auckland-based make-up artist was in a dark place. While not plagued by any major health problems, her body was beginning to let her down. Even simple everyday tasks, like bringing in the garbage bins, had become a struggle.

Enough was enough. It was time for a change.

Later that year Simone underwent gastric band surgery and, supplemented with a strict diet and impressive exercise regimen, the 25-year-old has since shed more than half her weight.


Following her massive weight loss she went on to have plastic surgery to remove a substantial amount of loose skin, sharing that latest stage in her transformation with pictures of her recovering form the surgery.


Now the instagram star has posted new pictures of her incredible transformation sharing the latest results with her 141,000 Instagram followers.

"I have completely changed my lifestyle, diet and exercise. I am thirty three weeks post opp abdominoplasty, bra line back lift, breast lift & augmentation," she wrote in her Instagram update.

"Basically most of my lose skin has been removed apart from that on my upper thighs and bottom."

Anderson is now posting a range of selfies showing a body completely transformed post weight loss and surgery.

"The human body is incredible that's for sure," she wrote on the below post, "the places it has taken me, the huge changes it has witnessed and how much it continues to change still blows my mind."


The New Zealander's journey isn't over yet. Simone is now planning the next phase of her full-body overhaul: having the loose skin on her legs and buttocks removed.

"That is a while away, as obviously a lot of saving will go in to that," she said in a recent video update. "I feel like my body is in good enough health and strength to be able to deal with going through that sort of trauma again."

Stay tuned for the next phase of this incredible story.