Married at First Sight's Sean and Simon showed us what true gentlemen look like.

We need to talk about Simon and Sean, people. Also known as the two heroes of the godforsaken faux marriage wasteland that is Married At First Sight.

These two:

Kings amongst peasants. (Image: Channel Nine)

For those who missed Sunday night's episode, Simon and Sean were the only two to not giggle at the verbal shredding of Andrew's partner, Cheryl, during a catch-up with the boys.

As grooms like Anthony and Nick egged Andrew on to mock Cheryl's personality, intelligence and breasts, Simon and Sean sat back in disbelief.

Simon told the producers "Cheryl didn't deserve to be spoken of in such a manner", while Sean "thought it was pretty f****** s***". When it came to 'cheers-ing' beers, the duo refused, each later labelling the whole incident "disappointing".


Listen: The Binge team reflects on the appalling behaviour of Andrew and the boys. (Post continues after audio.)

Women everywhere cheered, and there's a simple explanation why.

The fear that when the boys get together for a few beers, we will be degraded, sexualised and disrespected, is something many women feel intensely.

When we're not there, the mood can shift. The jokes can sharpen. And the draught of sexism can creep back in.

Not all men will stick up for us when we're not around. Even the good guys can get swept up in the boys mentality quite quickly, and find themselves asking questions like Nick's: "So when you have a conversation [with Cheryl], what are you making eye contact with?"

I bet my yearly salary Nick wouldn't dare ask that question in front of his "wife", Sharon.

We've all tagged along to a 'boys night' in the past, and have been privy to this shift.

Watching Married At First Sight on Sunday night confirmed our fear, but it also eased our concerns. Because it became clear that for each man who behaves like Andrew or Nick in that environment, there are the Simons and Seans, who will distance themselves from the boys in order to uphold their values.

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What Simon and Sean did probably wasn't easy, but it was right.

Perhaps it's a matter of maturity, or even resolve. But thank god for the men who have women's backs, even when we're not there. That's what makes a gentleman.

Have you ever overheard or witnessed a conversation like the one Andrew and the boys had?

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