What to do with the silver in your eyeshadow palette

Images: Getty.

There’s one in almost every eye shadow palette, a whiteish-silver eyeshadow that you have no idea how to use. It’s either too frosty or too white to use it below your brow as a highlight, but thanks to Megan Fox (and Blake Lively at every red carpet event ever) we’ve found a solution.

To copy Blake and Megan’s Comic Con look, trace the inner ‘V’ corner of your eyes, using a white or silver eyeshadow or eyeliner pencil. If you think it looks too severe, smudge it out into the rest of your eye makeup.

How it works: black eyeliner closes in your eyes, and white/silver liner gives the appearance of bigger, brighter more awake eyes. If you really want to make your eyes pop (or they’re looking a little red) also line your lower waterline with a white pencil.