The 17 silliest reasons for voting "No" to marriage equality.

We all know some of the reasons for voting no on the upcoming marriage equality survey are… less than solid. But here are some of the silliest reasons.

1. Because… FREEDOM!

2. Because the way seat belts work:

3. Because... "pooftas":

Listen: The Mamamia Out Loud team have a marriage equality message for Malcolm. Post continues after audio.

4. Because under the law a gay man can marry a woman just like a straight man can:

5. Because I was going to vote ‘Yes’. But now I am voting ‘No’ because I’m sick of people telling me how to vote:

6. Because my son got told he could wear a dress to school if he wanted to:

7. Because of amputations:

8. Because of this cake:

9. Because men can’t get hysterectomies, either:

10. Because ‘real men’ vote ‘No’:

11. Because what about the girls who might miss out?

12. Because ‘It’s just a phase’:

13. Because... just "Get over it!":

14. Because just get therapy instead:

15. Because Jesus loves you:

16. Because you're going to Hell:

17. Because if you don't like it, leave: