CULT BUY: "The pillowcase that completely transformed my hair and skin for the better."

I know. I KNOW. $65 for a pillowcase – even if it is silk – seems ridiculous and indulgent but please hear me out.

I was one of the skeptics. I’d read about the beauty benefits of swapping your standard cotton pillowcase for a fancy looking silk one and scoffed. “Another money making scheme,” I said out loud, to no-one in particular.

Then I got a Go-To Skincare Face Case, $65, and I’m completely converted.

Firstly, the claims. A silk pillowcase is supposedly “one of the smartest beauty purchases” you can make thanks to its benefits for your skin (reduces sleep creases), hair (minimises frizz) and social status (silk looks luxurious).

“Sleep creases” are those lines you’ll often wake up with after sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, caused by friction between your skin and pillow. Get them enough and these creases can turn into permanent wrinkles.

Honestly, in my early 20s wrinkles aren’t exactly something keeping me up at night, but I have despaired at the curious marks on my face after sleeping at awkward angles with my face pressed into the pillow.

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The hypoallergenic, 100 per cent mulberry silk material means that there is no friction, tugging or pulling – so no sleep creases – and is perfect for people with sensitive skin.


After two months of use (and feeling like a goddamn Queen every time I tuck myself into bed) I have noticed a significant difference. My bed hair is slightly less crazy and my skin relatively clear with fewer breakouts.

Silk doesn’t pick up as much breakout-inducing bacteria or suck out the hydration of skin as much as cotton.

The change was compounded in the few days I went back to the ol’ cotton cases when my silk love went in the wash. The material felt harsher on my skin and I woke up with visible impressions on my face for the first time in a while.

Image: Supplied

But it goes beyond beauty.

The fact that it's silk makes me feel like I'm sleeping in a swanky hotel in Paris or London rather than a damp-ridden rental in Sydney.

And that the cute embroidered message on the bottom means it gives me 100 per cent more compliments than my boyfriend.

Image: Go-To

Not a bad way to start and end the day, hey?

The Face Case sold out last time and has just been restocked so get in quickly if you're keen to up the ante on your beauty sleep.

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