All the signs we missed that Jarrod could win The Bachelorette after all.

Excuse me but we’ve made it all the way to The Bachelorette finale, Jarrod is still here and we may finally have to face the fact he could very well take this one out and our biases have blinded ourselves to the possibility.

Great. Good on us. We only have ourselves and a handful of crafty producers to blame.

So, in the spirit of defeat and the recognition Jarrod may – yes, MAY – be the one who won Sophie’s heart (that hurts as much to type as you think it might) here are the signs we missed all along.

  • He got the first date. Yes. Remember? The very first one. They kissed, too, just while we’re talking about it.
  • He’s been the only one to actually act interested in her from the start, and hasn’t been afraid of coming on too…strong (ahem).
  • She randomly cared when he cried about his stupid “blankey” in the onesie date. (Which shouldn’t be a sentence I should ever have to write about adults.)
  • She didn’t even crack a smile when he suggested twin, boyfriend/girlfriend plants were a good way to grow their love. No, she watered the damn thing instead.
  • On the first date, Sophie developed a condition that emotionally attached her to Jarrod because he saved her life.
  • She kept him in after the “I refuse to keep changing this wheel” incident, which proves her love must be blind.
  • He said he wasn’t a smoker before The Bachelorette and now he’s been photographed with cigarettes!!!!
  • Sophie did say wine was her favourite hobby…
  • She wants someone who loves moi for moi. Jarrod loves moi for moi.
  • He isn’t married.
  • He doesn’t have a vassecy. (A colloquial, not at all legitimate shorthand for the word vasectomy. Same meaning. Funkier pronunciation.)
  • He doesn’t appear to have secret media ambitions. In fact, he doesn’t look like he knows how to work social media. (He hashtags a lot of his images with #sophiemonk. Need I say more?)
  • Sophie did say to Jarrod’s mum that she didn’t give him a second date because she didn’t need to.
  • She keeps saying he isn’t her type. Sophie Monk hates Sophie Monk’s type.
  • The fact that Australia doesn’t want him to win is probably the biggest clue because that’s been the way for the last several seasons.
  • He’s in the FINAL TWO.