This noughties hair trend is back, courtesy of Beyoncé, Dakota Fanning and Taylor Swift.

Image via Getty.

Many noughties hair trends induce a shudder among grown women, yet there’s one we’re happy to see making a comeback.

No, it isn’t crimping, butterfly clips or mini buns.

It’s the side fringe. Remember rocking that circa 2003?

It's backkkkk. (Image via The Simple Life/Fox)

Don't stress, it's a little more refined that that one you rocked in high school. Yep, it's side fringe 2.0. Elegant and flattering.

Victoria Beckham, Alexa Chung, Taylor Swift and Dakota Johnson have jumped on the bandwagon (just to name a few.)

Johnson was most recently spotted at the Venice Film Festival sporting her new cut and colour.

Dakota Johnson and her side fringe (Image via Getty.)

Our verdict?

Bring the side fringe back from the island of banished hairdos. Hey, any hairstyle that was Audrey Hepburn's go-to is OK in our books.

Audrey Hepburn side fringe

Check out a few famous (and infamous) side fringes throughout history...