This 23-year-old is begging her mum to let her die.

A mother has created a heartbreaking video of her daughter who is so painfully ill she has begged to be allowed to die.

Kirsty Keep, 23, has been suffering ever since she was 12-years-old, when she copped a mysterious bug bite that would then destroy her life.

In recent years, her chronic illness has deteriorated. Every day the young woman from Kent, UK, is in agony and has seizures. She spends 90 per cent of her time bundled up in bed and needs care 24/7.  In just over a year, she has lost 10kg.

A video filmed by her mother shows her lying in a hospital bed, groaning as she urgently sucks in oxygen.

Kirsty’s view is while she may be alive, she is not living. She has been in and out of hospitals in England and Germany. She now pleads with her mum Theresa to take her to a Swiss assisted dying clinic.

“She’s weak and tired and wants to die, which kills me to hear her say over and over,” Theresa explained.

“Kirsty is saying it’s to (sic) much and just take her to Switzerland as she has no faith left …

Left: Kirsty during happier times with her mum. Right: A Facebook post by Theresa. (Images via Facebook and GoFundMe) 

To make matters worse, there is uncertainty around exactly what disease is causing such chronic pain.

For seven years, Theresa said doctors believed she had Lupus. But a specialist has since told the family that was a misdiagnosis, meaning her years of chemotherapy drugs and other harsh treatments were a waste.

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Kirsty's desperate mother believes she has Lyme disease, but some doctors have cast doubt over this idea and so far tests have been negative.

To try to find and fund a cure, Kirsty's family have been fundraising since February on a GoFundMe page and have been detailing their difficult journey of the last few months. Nearly AU$50,000 has so far been raised.

Yolanda Foster talks about her battle to treat Lyme Disease. Post continues after video...

But Theresa now believes a treatment centre in Florida, Sponaugle Wellness Institute, may be able to save her daughter's life. However to stay there would cost about AU$7000 a week - too much for a family that has already devoted many thousands on medical bills, and she is pleading for more funds.

Four days ago, Kirsty wrote on Facebook: "They say money can't buy love but it can buy health and a chance to love life again, I need help."

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