Eliminated Survivor contestants face a rather gross problem once out of the competition.

If I may speak candidly, the Samoan Island on which this season’s Survivor Australia contestants are battling it out is up there with the places on earth I’d least like to be.

There’s no food. No shelter. And definitely no filtered water tap. Essentially, the 22 Survivors are living off fear induced adrenaline and trust issues.

So one would assume getting booted off that godforsaken hell hole would see the suffering come to an end… right?

WRONG, because turns out some ~issues~ are following them off the island. And by issues, we mean serious stomach problems.


The latest head on the Survivor chopping block, Aimee Stanton explained being blindsided by the people she thought were her mates on Monday night’s episode was the least of her problems following her eviction.

“I was actually really sick and when I was on the plane I was having some stomach problems,” the 23-year-old told Studio 10.

“I was farting a lot and the people behind me they were like, ‘Ugh what’s that smell?!’ And they actually moved from the exit row seats to get away from me.”

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Aimee’s not the only former contestant to bring up unfortunate post-island health problems, with fan favourite and fellow evictee, Mark “Tarzan” Herlaar admitting he was bedridden following his exit from the show.

“It manifested two days after I got home and I was just crook as a dog, like, I had dysentery and was nauseated and sick,” he told Fairfax.

“Like, if I was in that condition and still on the island, here’s the thing I guarantee, like, I was sick like that for a week, so physically they would have pulled me out of the game because my health went south.”

While I wish both Aimee and Tarzan a speedy recovery, this whole debacle just adds to the long list of reasons why you won’t see me in the jungle anytime soon.