That time Andrew Daddo shot his younger brother.

Brothers fight. Brothers and sisters fight. And sometimes, sh*t gets real.

Such was the case in the Daddo household, many years ago.

“I shot my younger brother,” Andrew Daddo, co-host of our family life podcast This Glorious Mess, told Mia Freedman on the latest episode of No Filter.

Andrew – one of four Daddo brothers – admits that he aimed a slug gun at Lochie Daddo when they were on holiday in the country when they were kids. And it was a good shot.

“We were playing Ned Kelly, and I’d seen him through the trees, and I’d got him on his love handle – and it had actually drawn blood.”

“He had a gun as well,” Andrew said.

Listen as Andrew confesses to Mia Freedman. Post continues after audio. 

“I’m not proud,” Andrew said. “But it was a good shot though.”

Thankfully, nobody has been shot since.

But that’s not to say that the siblings still don’t fight. “There’s a certain level of dysfunction there,” says Andrew, the gun slinger, “But I think that’s normal.”

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Yes, yes it is. But, you know, guns down, people.

You can listen to Andrew’s full interview with Mia below.