Genius undies absorb any and all odours so you can FART AT WILL.

Stop inventing everyone. Inventions are done.

A company in the UK has developed an award-winning product that allows the gassy among us to fart as the need arises.

Shreddies are ‘flatulence-filtering underwear’, made to absorb the odour from your stinky, stinky farts. It has something to do with fancy sciencey scientific fabric that traps the smell:


Now, Shreddies don’t actually absorb the sound of the fart, only the smell. So you can’t just be letting them rip indiscriminately all over the place. Shreddies are for the slightly more experienced among us -those who can control the sound level of their flatulence, but still need a solid cover-up for the smell.

And the good thing about Shreddies is, there’s no limit to how much fart smell they can absorb, so you be pushing them out in secret all day long – then you just chuck your Shreddies in the wash and they’re as good (and stink-free) as new.

There are men’s and women’s undies, as well as pyjamas and jeans, and soon-to-be office wear. (Although one wonders why, if the undies actually worked, any fart-absorbing outer garments would be needed…)

Take a look at the sexy fart range:

“I’m posing so sexy you can’t even tell I’m farting right now.”
“Oh. That was a big one.”
Look how sexy we are in our sexy-as fart-absorbing sexy jeans. SERIOUS SEXY FACES.
Lol it’s so fun to just hang out in bed being sexy farting as much as we want in our sexy fart pyjamas.

If you need some sexy fart-absorbing products in your life, head to the Shreddies website ASAP. Just don’t get cocky – unexpected sharts aren’t fun for anyone.