Mamamia Recommends: Essential viewing for your weekend.

It’s that time of the week again.

That special time when you find yourself sitting on your comfy couch (or bed, whatever floats your boat) and thinking to yourself: what in the world am I going to watch this weekend?

You see, Netflix has released 10 new shows. But you don’t know anything about them. Do you go there? Do you binge in uncharted waters?

No. You want something a bit more trusted.

That’s where Mia, Jam and Monique step in. This week on Mamamia OutLoud it was all about what shows were good.

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And lucky for you, we’ve put them all here:

Chelsea Does, Netflix

Funny woman Chelsea Handler’s new documentary series Chelsea Does, debuted on Netflix this week. It’s a four part documentary that see’s Handler exploring different topics such as Marriage, Drugs, Racism and Silicon Valley.

Mia says: “The best thing she has ever done. She was very much over the celebrity shows she was doing before this. It’s actually fabulous and very very watchable.”

Twin Peaks, Stan

Twin Peaks.

A slow burning drama that begs the question, who killed Laura Palmer?

Monz says: “Everyone in the office is watching this as a throwback to the 90s. The clothing is so 90s it’s almost cool again. It moves really slowly and forces you to focus really slowly.. it’s so weird!”

The Beautiful Lie, ABC iView

A six part series that is a modern day reimagining of Anna Karenina starring the Australia delight Sarah Snook.

Mia says: “I’m a little late to the party but I’m one episode in and I’m absolutely loving it sick.”

Stan Grant’s racism speech, YouTube

Stan uses lines of the national anthem and snippets from Australia’s most famous poetry and states that this is not the truth of the Australian dream and talks about the experience of Australian indigenous people.

Jam says: “If you’re like me and though ‘eight minutes? I don’t have time.’ Trust me, this is the most important eight minutes of your week, it is an amazing speech. I went red when I watched and let genuinely embarrassed and ashamed.”

The Tribe, SBS

A reality show that has the superficiality of Keeping Up With The Kardashians but… in Ethiopia!

Mia says: “A really beautiful sameness of the human spirit.”