Mum shares her grief after the death of her only child on a carnival ride.

Mother Kim Neo Ng has described the pain of losing her only daughter in a show ride accident in 2014.

Ng’s eight-year-old daughter, Adelene Leong, died when she was thrown more than 10 metres into the air from an AirMaxx 360 ride at the Royal Adelaide Show in September 2014.

Ng and Leong were visiting Adelaide from Malaysia at the time.

According to The Advertiserthe company behind the ride – C, J & Sons Amusements Pty Ltd – is facing significant fines after pleading guilty to breaching health and safety laws in the Industrial Court in Adelaide on Tuesday.

show ride death mum
Image via 9News Adelaide.

During the hearing prosecutor Angela Moffa read out a victim impact statement from Ng, describing her “immeasurable grief and despair” over the death of her daughter.

In the statement, the 52-year-old says that Adelene's death came four years after the death of her husband, leaving her life now "meaningless".

“Five years ago I lost my husband and now I have also lost my only daughter. My future and hope in life has been taken away from me," she said.

“I spend most of my days in tears and no longer have any joy or hope. My life has become meaningless."

Ng said she has become isolated since her daughter's death, as she's afraid to leave her house or spend time with people who knew Adelene.

“It is difficult to continue living my life without her. My sorrow, pain, grief and loss are beyond words."

Ng is seeking $20,000 in compensation from the owners - the maximum amount allowed under state laws.

The 52-year-old said she struggles to sleep, has constant nightmares about seeing her daughter fall to her death, and needs ongoing psychiatric treatment.

However, the court heard that it's unlikely that C, J & Sons Amusements Pty Ltd could pay out a huge sum as they're facing financial ruin.