Should they stay or should they go?

Birthday parties are a whole language to themselves, we’ve tried to decipher it here, here and here but we’re still searching for all the answers.  Today Mamamia reader Lyndall* writes

“I had a party in my home for my 5 year old on the weekend, and EVERY parent dropped and ran. I had certainly not offered a babysitting service and 20 five year old children was an incredible strain on my husband and my parents!

I would have thought they should have asked if it was acceptable. Let’s not mention that some of the parents had never met me or my family yet they happily left their children in our care…. who knew what could have happened??

Also – one child had an allergy which we were only alerted to as they dropped her off – of course whe ate the wrong thing and was sick and her parents didn’t answer their phone to come and get her.

Did your parents stay with you at parties when you were a kid? How old were you when they dropped you off?