"My best friend cheated on her husband. And asked me to keep it a secret."

A Reddit user has taken to the internet to ask for help on a situation we all hope we never find ourselves in.

Her best friend confided in her that she had an affair with a co-worker. Asking to keep it a secret, it’s tearing Reddit user, pepperbear77, apart.

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This is what she wrote:

My best friend, Payton [26F], has been with her husband, Cole [28M], since they were in high school; they briefly broke up in their early 20s, and have been married for two years. I am very close to both Payton and Cole – we went to college together, I was the maid of honor in their wedding, and we hang out on the regular.

Last week, Payton and I went for coffee, and she confided in me that she cheated on Cole. Her office rented some cottages over the weekend, and Cole couldn’t go with her.

She ended up getting pretty drunk, taking off into the woods with a coworker [32M], and making out with this guy pretty heavily before deciding to stop. Apparently, she and the coworker have been working together in the same department for the past three years, developed a friendship, which ultimately turned into an emotional affair. I’ve met him, and he has a wife and a newborn baby; to make it worse, sometimes this coworker and his wife go on double-dates with Payton and Cole

"She ended up getting pretty drunk...' Image via iStock.

Apparently, Payton and Cole have been going through a rough spot in their marriage (feeling ignored, no romance, etc.), which led her to this.

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I was pretty shocked, obviously. I’m the only person she’s told. I told Payton that she needed to tell Cole what happened so he can do what he wants with the information, and obviously switch departments at work and get as far away from this guy as she can/go NC.

It’s been a week, and while Payton’s been given the go-ahead on switching departments at work, she still hasn’t told Cole. She’s still talking to the guy, although they haven’t done anything else. She’s basically pretending that nothing ever happened, and keeps inviting me and my SO out for drinks with them, or asks if we want to stop by and hang out at their place.

"She’s basically pretending that nothing ever happened." Image via iStock.

I’m not sure that I can face Cole, knowing what I know. I have info that could potentially destroy his marriage. But telling him will, most definitely, end my friendship with Payton. I don't want to get involved in something that really doesn't involve me, and I feel so guilty, just for lending an ear to my best friend.

I’m not really sure how to go forward with my friendships. Any advice?

What would you do?

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