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"I'm stuck with his name on my hip." 8 women share photos of the tattoos they now regret.

When you’re young and in love getting a tattoo of your hunky boyfriend’s name of five minutes definitely seems romantic.

But a decade on, that decision probably doesn’t always feel like the best life choice.

But let’s be honest even if you went back in time and told your teenage self to *for the love of god please reconsider* chances are you’re going to do it anyway.

MM Confessions: What I’d tell my 15 year old self. Post continues after video.

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So, we asked the Mamamia community to share their biggest tattoo regret:



I don’t regret my tattoo but I do regret where I put it.

This tattoo says ‘Barakat’ in Arabic which is my family’s surname from Lebanon. I love it a lot and don’t regret the tattoo but do regret how public and visible it is.


I have a half sleeve and I get more comments about this one than any of those tattoos. It seems when you get a visible tattoo it also gives anyone licence to come up and talk to you about it while walking down the street.

I wish I got it somewhere more private.



So, the day before Valentine's Day when I was 19, I decided I was ready to be Facebook friends with my ex boyfriend. So accepted his friend request. Then saw he had a new girlfriend.

I figured this would be a great time to get my first tattoo.

So I went to a tattooist but had no ideas, so thought I'd get 'love' tattooed on my wrist. I went to to look for a design I liked.

After getting the tattoo done I realised that somehow when you look at it in the mirror it spells out his name.



Speaks for itself really.



My last name is Bacon...

The design is terrible. It looks like a kid just scribbled it and my brother's is meant to match but somehow his turned out to be a much fatter pig.

I also thought that my ankle would be discrete, turns out it's one of the most obvious places (eg, wearing jeans you can still see it.)

I like the idea of it, we did it because of our last name and it's funny, but it definitely could have been done better.



Mine is so bad.

It used to be cute and dainty, and then pregnancy knocked it out of whack.

Now, during my second pregnancy - it's making a mockery of the tattooing profession.



I got a tattoo with two of my "friends" that I grew up with.

It wasn't until we really went our own ways in life did I realise how abusive they had been to me. I was so angry that I'd honestly let people treat me like that for so long and now whenever I look at it I'm hurt all over again.

I actually love the tattoo (and one of my friends at work has one almost identical) so I'm trying to change my memories attached to it.

It is on my ribs right under my bra and I see it every time I get undressed, so it's taken a lot to change the mind set.



When I was 20 my partner proposed and for some stupid reason I thought getting his name tattooed on my hip was a good idea.

We ended up having three kids together and got married and were together a total of 12 years.

Three years ago he left me for another woman and now I'm stuck with his name on my hip...



When you are young with a flat tummy, you don't factor pregnancy into your tattoo selection process.

This shamrock is now partially buried under my mum tum roll.

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