Should big breasted women have to pay more for their bras?

Marks and Spencer


If you want to buy the bra above (or the one after the jump), from UK retailer Marks & Spencer, and you have big boobs, you’ll have to pay more.

M&S has put an extra £2 on its range of Ceriso Polka Dot and Floral Print Padded Bras, if the cup sizes are DD-G.

says the bras were more expensive because of ‘their construction’, and
additional ‘innovation and technology’ needed to support larger breasts

According to a report in the Daily Mail:

A Marks & Spencer spokesman said: ‘We are one of the only retailers on
the high street to make ranges of bras for everyone. Bigger clothes
only need more fabric, but it is important that women with bigger busts
have the right support.

‘There are 25 to 30 components in every
single bra, and so there might be more in those for bigger-busted women
and they also need stronger straps.

‘Larger breasted women want
to buy the same pretty bras that their friends who are a different size
can buy, and to make this possible-the bra needs to be made in a
slightly different way.’

The spokesman claimed customer research had shown women didn’t mind paying up to £2 more for larger sized bras.


Marks and Spencer

members of a new group on the social networking site Facebook called
Busts 4 Justice have stopped buying full-priced bras from the store in

Its founder Beckie Williams, a 25-year-old children’s
writer from Brighton, said: ‘It is like having a tax on bigger breasts.
I hover on the brink of where the bras get more expensive so I noticed
the difference in price.

‘I started trying to cram myself into
the smaller sizes and realised that it was ridiculous – M&S says it
needs to charge more because of the construction of the bra, but
different sizes of jeans must have to be constructed with different
types of workmanship, I don’t see how bras are any different.’

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