15 problems all short women can relate to.

It’s hard being small, ok? People expect so much from your little body and you’re just trying to keep up! It’s a rough life for us shorties! Here are 15 problems short girls have.

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1. When people are like, “Wow, you are SO short!”

Um, thank you. I was completely unaware of that fact. Why don’t you tell me something I don’t know.

2. When you’re only as tall as someone’s chest

Nobody likes talking to boobs…unless they’re guys. And I’m not so….

3. When you can’t get off your bike because the bar is too high

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I just pedal until I need to stop and then I have to hop off with both legs. It takes some talent.

The struggle is real. (Image via 9GAG).

4. When your friends tower over you

It’s ok, I just tell people that I’m fun-sized.

5. When you sit on a seat and your feet don’t touch the ground

My bum can go numb from having no contact with my feet but I just make the best of it by swinging my legs around.

The struggle is real. (Image via Instagram/ainsley.bea)

6. When guys have to really bend down to kiss you

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Whatever, as long as they’re willing to stoop to my level I don’t mind. But have you ever tried kissing a tall guy when you’re short? It’s hard!

It can be hard. (Image via Pinterest)

7. When you have to stand on the counter to reach things in the kitchen

Story of my life. I just started placing all the things I need on the lowest shelves. Then I get someone tall to help me when I don’t feel like getting on the counter.

Story of my life. (Image via twitter @commonwhitegirl)

8. When you have to stand on the grocery cart to reach things at the grocery store

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It happens. Just make sure someone holds the cart steady so I don’t die….or have them get it instead.

Please don't fall, please don't fall. (Image via Twitter @MsKulikova)

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9. Or just standing on shelves to reach things

Short girls really learn how to climb things well.

I think I can, I think I can. (Image via Twitter @_samantha_jane)

10. When you can’t reach stuff

Just suck it up and ask for help from a cute guy.

11. When the world is so much bigger than you

Don’t worry, all the best things in life are small.

Amen to that Nicole. (Image via twitter @sam_Halliday)

12. When you have to run to keep up with your friends’ walking

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Little legs make walking even harder.

13. When you can hardly see over the dashboard

This has got to be super dangerous…I can’t even see half the road to drive.

14. When you have to stay in the shallow end of the pool

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Because any deeper than 3 feet and you can hardly stand, you have to start treading water.

Image via Instagram @shayro87

15. When you fall in the laundry machine when you’re putting clothes inside

What? Those things are way too high for us shorties to reach inside easily. Ugh.

Ugh. (Image via

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