The newest wedding dress trend is not ugly or over-the-top and actually very sensible.

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Gone are the days of not being able to pee on your wedding day.

The days where your heavily embellished gown weighs you down and you walk ever-so-slowly down the aisle so you don’t get caught in many, many layers of tulle.

Meringue dresses are on their way out.

Brides are ditching the traditional full-length wedding dress for a shorter, lighter frock.

Maybe it’s a reaction to lavish weddings with two gowns and walls of flowers (Kimye, we’re looking at you), but it seems some brides are opting for a more intimate ceremony, which naturally comes with the cuter, and more comfortable, short dress.

Don’t believe us. Look at these: (Post continues after gallery):

Some want the best of both worlds: still having the big wedding with accompanying meringue dress, but changing into a shorter piece for the reception.

Some opt for a transformer dress, where the long tail can be detached to reveal a shorter dress underneath.

Either way, without the massive dress in the way, it makes for a smoother time on the dance floor.

While we’re on the topic, here are some celebrity wedding gowns:

What do you think of short wedding dresses?

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