The five reasons to give a short hair style the green light this season.

Luscious, long locks getting you down lately? Have you had it up to here *motions to half way up hair* with your split ends? Can’t stand spending more than five minutes using a blow dryer or straightener?

Well fear not my fed-up friend, because I’m going to convince you to chop it off and jump on the trend that has had a strong hold over the locks of some of our most loved celebs for the past few years.

I have had short hair my whole life, so I’m a little bias BUT at this present moment my hair is long and even though I love that I can actually plait my hair farther than three braids, I’m missing my short hair.

So, from someone who has done both, (in no particular order) here are my reasons why you should cut off those locks and rock the chop.

1. No long routines. No fuss. 

J Law and her Oscars 'I woke up like this' short hair style

Recently ABC Triple J radio host, Alex Dyson, got his make-up done professionally on-air in solidarity after an air hostess complained about having to stay back an extra hour of training to learn about "proper make-up" while the boys got to knock off early.

Now, I realise we are talking about hair (stay with me people) but this whole thing highlighted the pressure working women face to look presentable at work - and by "presentable", nine times out of 10 it means completely done up - make-up, hair, the whole shebang.

If you are as lazy as I am, putting aside an hour each day in order to wash/ condition and blow dry (possibly style with a straightener) my hair sounds bogus and a waste of my precious time. (I could be eating or watching cat videos on the internet for god sake). So halving that prep time by halving the amount of hair just seems logical, no?

Half the do, half the fuss. More time to share that video of a monkey riding on a baby pig's back with your friends. #win

Speaking of shorter prep time, short hair styles also mean...

2. You get WAY more sleep compared to your long-haired companions (sleep > everything).

Lily Collins shows us the 'I-just-rolled-out-of-bed look' done right

Picture this. It's 7:30am on a normal weekday morning, your alarm is blaring in your ear but that report you stayed up finishing until 3am last night left you in a deep enough sleep to not be disturbed by it for the past 30 minutes. You jolt out of bed realising that your accidental sleep in just cost you precious time in your beauty routine, leaving you very little time to blow dry and style those locks of yours.

Long hair? Well I'm sorry but you better take a straightener to work and sneak off to the bathroom as soon as you get a chance because no matter how much texturising spray you mash into your hair you just can't make that I-just-got-out-of-bed hair look anything but exactly what it is. (I have done this many, many times - it's horrible).


BUT people with a short hair style, probably get that extra sleep-in the first place. Smart little cookies.

And remember the greatest rule of life: sleep > everything

3. Short hair doesn't necessarily mean just one style.

Lily Rose Depp showing us how to rock that hair before whisking off to the Chanel runway.

One of the greatest falsities surrounding short hair styles is that your creative freedom is minimised to just one look.

This is so, SO wrong! You can have the pixie cut, the gradient, the undercut, the choppy layered cut, sharp cut with front fringe just to name a few. (and that is not including if you want to colour it!) All you have to do is look at the likes of Miley Cyrus, Keira Knightly, Ruby Rose, Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway, Michelle Williams *takes breathe* Anna Wintour, Beyonce, Kylie Jenner, J Law (I could go all night here people) and see the diversity in their cuts and styles to know the depth of what you are deciding to do.

Take a leaf from Caddies book my friends: the limit does not exist.

4. You look like a total badass.

Ruby Rose will always be the ultimate badass. LOOK HOW COOL HER HAIR IS.

This comes along with the classic territory of long hair = feminine (WRONG), that having long hair usually pinholes you into looking girly and therefore makes it harder to look more badass (also an extent).

BUT no matter how cool you try and tease those tresses into looking, absolutely nothing you do can compare to the absolutely badass don't-mess-with-this-chick shaved look. And by shaved think more Ruby Rose or 2011 Miley Cyrus with the classic boy short back and sides look**.

**cool motorcycle and leather jacket is a top suggestion for ultimate cool girl points

5. The only way you could look more chic is if you were actually French

Kylie Jenner rocking one of the most classic short hair styles. So sleek. So chic.

For all the ladies not interested in the badass appeal (remember my point before, lots and lots of different kinds of short hair), the short bob - shoulder length hair can be the ultimate instant chic-ification (yes I made that up) for your look. Want to try finger curls? Flapper girl chic. What to put loose curls in it? Beach hair chic. Want to slick it back? Boss lady chic.

Either way, if we are going off any of the celeb red carpet #inspo the common theme of all the short hair is 100% no fuss chic. I'm not going to lie this one sold me because this may be the only way I ever, EVER have anyone ever refer to me as 'chic' so I'm all on board.

If you still haven't been swayed to get rid of that excess hair hanging from your head, well then I'm stumped because I was sold at '30 minutes more sleep'.