A father has allegedly dragged his daughter around a store with her hair wrapped around a trolley.

A father has allegedly disciplined his young daughter by wrapping her hair around the handle of a supermarket trolley.

According to reports, the five-year-old was pleading, “Please stop. I promise I won’t do it again. Please stop.”

Fellow shopper Erica Burch said she was shopping for her own children’s lunches the Walmart store in Texas when she saw the man.

The incident was brought to public attention after Burch took several photos and uploaded them to Facebook.

The girl is shown hunched with her forehead almost pressed against the hard metal of the trolley’s handle.

Source: Facebook/Erika Burch.

Burch said she was with her husband Robert Burch when they confronted the man.

The mother shared on Facebook how the encounter between the three shoppers allegedly went down.

"I took my phone out – snapped pictures – and then told him to let the little girl’s hair go," she wrote.

"He told me to mind my own business. I said no I’m not! Right now this little girl is my business and you need to let her hair go now!"


Cleveland Police Chief Darrel Broussard told the Chronicle the man relayed to police his five-year-old daughter and two other children had been disruptive in the store.

Source: Facebook/Erika Burch.

Broussard also said the man explained holding her by the hair was his way of disciplining her.

The Cleveland Police department released a statement in response to the story to say they were currently investigating the matter.

"We want to assure the community this case is currently being investigated by our Detective Division," a spokesperson said.

Child Protective Services were also said to be currently investigating in collaboration with detectives.

"CPS has been contacted per our policy and is also investigating this case. A joint investigation is currently being conducted by both agencies," a spokesperson said.

The investigation remains ongoing.

The passerby's full post can be read hereFeature image via Facebook/Erika Burch. 

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