Wife's genius 'hack' to ensure her husband never comes home with the wrong shopping again.

We’ve all been there: sent someone we thought we loved and could trust to the supermarket to just “pick up a few things”.

Perhaps it’s a few potatoes for dinner. Or a pack of toilet paper (that always runs out at the most inconvenient time, right?)

Maybe your husband/partner/boyfriend/girlfriend/sister/friend has offered to give you a few hours off on the weekend and wants to take care of your grocery shopping for you.

It’s so very kind, so very helpful… unless, of course, they stuff everything up.

They buy the wrong brand. The tomatoes they buy are too big, too small, too ugly. They buy vegetable oil instead of olive oil.

One wife has come up with a genius ‘hack’ to ensure her husband never comes home with the wrong shopping ever again.

Before he heads out, 29-year-old IT worker Era Golwalkar from India, gives her husband a super specific list of what he must buy. Complete with descriptions.

And pictures.

On the two page list, Era asks her 31-year-old husband, Gaurav, to buy 1.5 kilograms of “some yellow, some red” tomatoes with “no holes/cracks”.

She also wanted “medium size” potatoes (and drew a picture of what a ‘medium sized’ potato might look like) and small onions with a “round shape”.

man at supermarket
"What is a medium-size potato?!" Image via Getty.

While it may sound a little... controlling... for Era to take her groceries so seriously, she told BBC she created the list out of her increasing frustration at grocers selling Gaurav "sub-standard products".

"After [we] got married three years ago we decided to split the household chores. Gaurav was very supportive and was ready to learn cooking," Era said.

"I wasn't aware of back then - he had no experience with anything related to cooking.

"When I first sent him to purchase vegetables, it was an epic fail and an argument ensued between us. The second time was no better. Nor was the third."

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Vegetable vendors were soon well aware that Gaurav had little-to-no grocery shopping experience and began selling him products that weren't up to standard, even spoiled.

"I had to get to the bottom of the problem," Era said of why she created the list, which she calls "foolproof".

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