The laundry basket hack and the bread tag trick: The supermarket hacks you didn't know you needed.

As an adult, there are certain things in life that just aren't fun. 

Paying bills, anything that has the word insurance in it and of course, the weekly grocery shop.

That's where shopping hacks come in. We bloody love them. 

Watch 4 cleaning hacks to make your life much, much easier. Post continues after video. 

Video via Mamamia.

And as always the good people of TikTok have delivered. Specifically, user @tony.zakharia2.

In a now viral TikTok video, Tony has shared the surprisingly simple way to tell which loaf of bread on the shelf is the freshest. And it's all has to do with the colour of the tag. Who knew?!

"Turn the breads over we can see two clips; one red one meaning it was made on the Thursday and one white one meaning it was made on a Friday," he explains in the video.

"So as you can see the red one expires on the 24th and the white one on the 25th – and that is why I take the freshest bread all the time."


Answer to @katesyt11 I’m the king of expiry. But yes I have heaps of other expired thingys

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Yep, our minds were blown too.

And this isn't the only shopping hack doing the rounds on the internet. 

TikTok user @1980sgamer also shared a clever little hack to save time (and most importantly, plastic) by putting all your food in washing baskets in your boot rather than bags. 

The baskets also save you from doing hundreds of trips from the car to your kitchen. 


This is the best grocery shopping hack yet! It just keeps getting better. ##aldishopping ##bagless ##laundrybasket ##plasticbags

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To fill you up with the best supermarket hacks out there, we asked the Mamamia community to share their greatest tips. Here they are for your future-shopping selves.

1. The genius way to share your shopping list with your family.

"Have a shared iPhone note for 'groceries'. Update it whenever wherever so when you shop, you won’t forget that thing you thought of last Monday. Plus, either partner can get those few things that are on the list when they are in a supermarket or doing the online order.


"It also helps if you are synced to Mac laptop, so then I can go do the online order and have my list on the laptop from the phone."

Image: Supplied. 

Image: Supplied. 

2. How to shop all the specials all the time. 

"My mum works at Woolies, if you’re on a budget you can ask the store what day they put the most specials on and even what time each day (because it varies day to day). The store will happily tell you their usual schedule."


3. Why you shouldn't just look at what's at "eye level".

"I used to work in merchandise in my Uni days setting up store shelves and displays. Everything at eye level is paid for by the brand, so that deal or product isn’t necessarily the best ‘special/deal’. Always look at the cost per/100g underneath the package costs and compare (if you’re not a brand devotee of course)."

4. How to keep your cold items colder for longer.

"Ignore how the stores are laid out and start at the other end so that your fruit and veg and cold items aren’t sitting in your trolley unrefrigerated while you do the rest of your shop."

5. How to make sure you never miss an aisle. 

"I always write my shopping list in the order of the shop. No doubling back!"

6. The best dupe for branded products. 

"Generic brand items are often made by popular brands i.e. the generic cakes at the supermarket I worked in were made by Sara Lee (they arrived in Sara Lee boxes just assembled inside out), you can also tell by packaging sometimes, like the lid on a bottle or the bottle might be the same shape as a popular brand."

7. How to find everything you need. 

"At the end of the aisles in Coles there is a list of product categories and aisles they are in. Take a photo of this so you can use it when making up a shopping list if you want to list by aisle."

Do you have any shopping tips? Let us know in the comments below. 

Feature Image: TikTok@tony.zakharia2/@1980sgamer

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