Costco sells engagement rings, and some of them are a total bargain.

Do you ever find yourself perusing the aisles of a supermarket on a busy day, your mind wandering to all of the amazing things your partner does and the ways in which they improve your life, and suddenly think: “They’re the one! I should really put a ring on it!”

Us neither, but apparently some people out there do, and if there’s one thing they’re looking for, it’s diamonds at a bulk-buy discount price.

Enter Costco’s engagement ring collection.

Like the state of Texas, Costco is the supermarket franchise famed for everything being bigger, better and cheaper than the rest.

But oddly enough that unofficial motto doesn't extend to the ring collection, with one clocking in at a whopping $70,000 AUD. Just think of all the frozen bagels you could buy for that...

According to their site, there's close to 100 rings to choose from, with  prices starting at the $2000 mark.

There's eight styles of rings to choose from, but sadly rings cannot be resized onsite.

Costco says the "low" prices come from working their connections.

"Our long-standing relationship with our suppliers guarantees we get the best selection at the best value," the site says.

"Costco's experienced buying team works with our suppliers evaluating and hand-selecting each diamond for its quality and brilliance. Next, our team of Graduate Gemologists inspects every diamond to ensure it meets the strictest quality standards in the industry in cut, color, clarity, and craftsmanship. You can be confident your purchase is as special to us as it is to you."

Would you buy an engagement ring from Costco? Would you accept a ring from Costco?

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