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1. Shooting at US family planning centre.

Police have swarmed an abortion clinic in Colorado, U.S., after a gunman opened fire.

According to Sky News, three officers and several civilians have been injured in the attack, and the Colorado Springs police have said the situation remains unstable some two hours since the shooting was first reported.

‘This is an active situation,’ a police department spokeswoman, Lieutenant Catherine Buckley, told CNN.

Law enforcement are yet to confirm the gunman’s location.

Reportedly, the gunman fired shots upon entering the clinic, which was guarded by security. There is also concern that explosives may be involved.

Law enforcement are yet to confirm the gunman’s location. Image via TIME/Twitter.

A spokeswoman for a nearby hospital said it had received three patients from the shooting, however the nature of their conditions were not immediately provided.

According to the facility’s website, it provides abortions, screening for sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy testing and other family planning services.

2. Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi mistakenly tweets neo-Nazi quote.

Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi has mistakenly tweeted a quote from a neo-Nazi convicted of possessing child abuse material after believing it was a line spoken by the French philosopher, Voltaire.

Twitter users were quick to point out the senator’s error – many stating the quote is from a 1993 essay ‘All America Must Know the Terror that is Upon Us’, written by American white nationalist and Holocaust denier, Kevin Strom.

In 2008, Strom was sentenced to 23 months in prison for possessing child abuse material, of which he served four months.

3. Coordinated climate change walks see thousands flock to Melbourne CBD.

Climate change protests will be taking place across the world this weekend, and Melbourne’s march in the city centre last night proved to be Australia’s largest turn out.


Friday evening saw thousands of people march through the Melbourne CBD. The group gathered in front of the state library before taking to the surrounding roads just in time for peak hour.

Police estimated the crowd numbers to sit around 40,000, while event organisers say more than 60,000 people participated in the protests.

Protesters fill the streets of Melbourne. Image via Twitter.

Signs and placards read “Vote One Climate” as protesters called for a transition to 100% clean energy and an end to reliance on fossil fuels.

The climate change campaign manager at the Australian Conservation Foundation, Victoria McKenzie-McHarg, told The Guardian that the protests were crucial in generating change.

“By coming together in this way, we are showing that we have strong expectations for action, and that we expect more from our leaders, who we believe need to get on to the job of creating a cleaner, better future,” she told the publication.

 4. Some 1200 NSW women have been referred to new domestic violence programs in three months.

According to Legal Aid NSW, in the space of just three months this year, nearly 1200 women were referred to new domestic violence programs after police determined they were at threat from violent men.

Further, it is thought that an additional 300 more were categorised as being at “serious threat” of harm in the same period.

The worrying statistics come out of the Safer Action Pathways program’s first three months of operations in NSW suburbs of Parramatta, Bankstown, Broken Hill and the Tweed.

It is thought that an additional 300 more were categorised as being at “serious threat” of harm in the same period.

Michelle Jones, an who manages the Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Services’ involvement in the program, told the Sydney Morning Herald, “I think this highlights the size of the problem in NSW as well as the increase in reporting of domestic violence.”


“The primary consideration is keeping victims and their children safe and that they are being looked after,

“That can be anything from ensuring that the kids of domestic violence victims are being looked after properly at school, to using a service to change the locks or proving a woman with a personal safety alarm.”

5. Pup runs for the first time with the aid of prosthetic legs.

A puppy named Daisy has been gifted with prosthetic legs, allowing her to walk for the first time despite a disability leaving her unable to use her front legs.

After being abandoned on the streets of Bellflower, California, Daisy was adopted by Sheena Main, who set up a Facebook page to raise awareness for her condition.

Daisy was born with a congenital deformity in her front legs, preventing her from walking. While Ms Main did try using a wheelchair to help the pup get around, it was too much strain on her spine.

Luckily, in October, Daisy was given a pair of prosthetic legs from Animal Ortho Care.

“Daisy is now RUNNING! Both her ears and spirit are bouncing with joy,” Ms Main wrote on Facebook last week.

Watch Daisy with her prosthetic legs below.

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