The proof that parents can't have nice things because... kids.

There are some things you just shouldn’t give a child and access to dye is one of them.

A series of heartbreaking images have captured some of the parenting moments you know will only be funny later.

Dogs dyed, computers ruined, walls ruined – well, ruined is in the title for a reason.

Source: Getty Images.

The images all appear on the shitmykidsruined blog that skyrocketed in popularity a few years ago after it opened its submissions to the general public.

The founder posted on the website they hoped the collection brought some laughter from parents who knew the pain all too well.

"If you’re a parent I hope you identify and laugh, and feel just a little bit better that others are going through it, too," they said.

The founder also took a moment to quickly acknowledge their children and their roles as inspiration.

"Like all the people submitting photos, I adore my kids. But I freakin’ hate how they ruin all my shit," they said.


The idea there are some things you just can't avoid with kids seems to have struck a chord as the concept continues to go strong four years on.

The blog has an open Facebook group with over 500 members who regularly post images as horrifying as they are humorous.

Continuing the theme of weird, watch as we share some of the strange things our kids have done...

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