The two questions ambitious young women need to ask themselves.

Giver of womanhood wisdom and ‘Lean-in’ revolutionary Sheryl Sandberg says there are two questions every young ambitious woman should ask herself in her journey in achieving her long term career goals.

And according to Girls creator Lena Dunham, being asked them changed her life.

During a recent interview for her online publication, Lenny Letter, Dunham shared the impact Sandberg had had on her life to date, and the myriad of ways in which she had been inspired to participate more actively in her life and career.

Dunham on the set of Girls. Source: HBO

Question 1: Do you know how much your male contemporary is making

Question 2: When are you planning to have children (if you are)

(She also asked her whether or not she had a business manager, but this may not betoo relevant for most young women at the beginning of their careers.)

Proving she really is all of us, even Dunham admitted, "I was shocked to realize there were some questions I had never actually asked myself."

Facebook COO and author of Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg. Source: Facebook

"I expected to admire Sheryl, to be impressed by her fierce intelligence and conviction, her work-life balance, her blowout," Dunham wrote.

"But what I didn't know is that we would connect deeply and fully, spending a long night after our initial talk curled on her couch, discussing the challenges and triumphs of sharing yourself with the world.

"She lent me insanely comfortable sweatpants and pulled out a pint of frozen yogurt with two spoons, and I felt like I was in a Nancy Meyers–penned movie about two professional, soft-pants-wearing women just workin' it out."

Excuse us while we collapse into a ball of admiration and envy.

Dunham taking part in Sandberg's new Lean In Together Campaign. Post continues... 

While it's unlikely most of us will ever need a business manager, having a good knowledge of your male contemporaries earnings and a vague plan for children (be it having them or not) are considerations that are as obvious as they are revelatory.

Maybe it's time to get asking.

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