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My twins’ imaginations are big and colourful, and they love telling stories. Now there’s an audiobook they can be a part of.

Sheridan Kids
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"Once upon a time in the hot savanna, there lived a Daddy lion. He wanted to fill up his grumpy belly but it made him sad to eat animals, because they have feelings. But he didn’t like eating yucky green trees like the giraffes do. He kept looking for dinner. Then, he found a garden. He ate all of the fruit and vegetables, and patted his belly shouting "YIPPIE" because he didn’t have to eat another animal ever again. And that was very nice of him because the other animals could live forever. The end.”         

That, my friends, is a bedtime story.   

Not written by me, of course. My bedtime stories are usually a little less food-related and involve a lot more reality television contestants. 

No, this story was written (and dramatically performed) by my three-year-old son, Cooper, the other night. 

To celebrate the upcoming release of their new kids bedding range, Sheridan is inviting little dreamers from all over Australia to help create a children’s bedtime audiobook.

And we never, I repeat, NEVER, turn down an opportunity to fuel imagination and dreams in this household. We decided to roll up our sleeves, get our story-telling hats on, and encourage our boy-girl twin toddlers to get involved.

Here’s everything you need to know to get your family involved, too.

1. This creative initiative by Sheridan is ideal for parents who have creative kids between the ages of 3 and 10 years old. 

If you’re anything like me (hello, writing to you live from a Sydney lockdown) and you’re looking for things to do with your children each and every day, add this collaborative project to the itinerary.


2. Sheridan is encouraging those who love telling stories and who have big, colourful dreams to apply. The audiobook will touch on issues of climate, sustainability and waste, leveraging our kid’s creativity to show that if we all band together, their dreams can change the world.

3. It's super simple to get involved: parents can upload a video of their kids answering these three simple questions – Sheridan want to hear them sharing their thoughts, dreams and imagination. They've definitely got my kids talking!

  • In the world of dreams, what would you be?
  • What magical powers would you have?
  • The world of dreams needs your help, how would you save the planet?

4. Seven lucky kids across Australia will get the opportunity to be featured as writers, creators and voice talents in Sheridan's audiobook. It's quite literally written by kids, for kids.

5. Oh, and did I mention that the seven chosen collaborators receive a $1,000 cash prize, plus a $500 Sheridan Kids Collection bedroom pack.


6. Once the audiobook is released into the wild (see what I did there), you’ll be able to listen to the story each night, as a soothing companion to the dreaded bedtime routine. 

It will be packed with calming sounds and a creative narrative, designed to help send your children into their dreams with a big smile on their faces.

What I loved most about getting our beautiful little nuggets involved, was seeing just how colourful their imagination is. 

It’s time to let your child’s imagination run wild too. Who knows, maybe they’ll be able to add “professional writer” to their small but budding resume?

See how dreams can change the world. Upload your kids' entry now at 

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Sheridan Kids
Sheridan has been creating premium quality Australian homewares and lifestyle products for over 50 years. To celebrate the upcoming launch of Sheridan's Kids Collection, they're on a nationwide search for imaginative kids to create a collaborative bedtime audiobook. The Sheridan Kids Collection and audiobook are launching Monday 4 October.