After almost six years on The Block, Shelley Craft shares her number one styling tip for a beautiful home.

Shelley Craft has hosted a number of Australian prime time television shows, including Domestic Blitz, Reno Rumble, and The Block.

After years working with Australia’s best renovators, builders, interior designers and stylists, it’s fair to say she knows a thing or two about how to make an ordinary home look spectacular.

So, when the 40-year-old joined Holly Wainwright for the latest episode of I Don’t Know How She Does Itshe wasn’t getting away without imparting some of her style wisdom.

Her top tip for getting your house ship shape?

Craft says it’s not what you add, but what you take away.

“Declutter, people!” she says. “You will see so much change in your own life, and re-invigoration and freedom, just by getting rid of the clutter.”

Shelley Craft talks to Holly Wainwright about the one thing you can do to make your home look sleek. Post continues below.

The Block host lives in Byron Bay with her two daughters, Milla Grace, 6, and Eadie Rose, 4. Having moved several times in the past few years, clutter is certainly an easy thing to get lost in.

But she told Wainwright “I purge all the time”. Craft has a big spring clean, clearing out anything they no longer use.

When it comes to the kids’ things, excess toys are boxed up and sent off to schools in Fiji.


“That’s our thing,” she explained. “So the girls know that too. It’s our family holiday every year. We’ll go to Fiji and visit a different community or school and they see that their life is very privileged.”

Craft asks them “What aren’t you using anymore? What don’t you play with? What would you like to give to those beautiful children? Let’s find a better use for it.”

Decluttering also means having a clean work-space, which is extremely important for the busy mum-of-two. “We call it a vignette,” she told Wainwright. “If you look at one particular corner and you think ‘that works, I love that!’ then that’s going to make you feel good every time you walk past.”

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