ModelCo founder Shelley Barrett shares her two best pieces of business advice.

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Even if her name is unfamiliar to you, there’s a very good chance you have one of Shelley Barrett‘s creations in your makeup bag right now.

In 2002, the former model agent founded ModelCo — a cosmetics brand that has gone on to win numerous awards and invent some truly game-changing products.

Clearly, Barrett is an inspiration for any budding entrepreneur, and if your dream is to start a business she has some savvy advice. Watch our interview with Shelley below. (Post continues after video.)

“I would really suggest you understand the industry you’re going into. When I went into business I thought I was going into the world of beauty, when in actual fact I was going into the world of retailing, wholesaling, marketing, logistics, finance,” the mother-of-two tells The Glow.

“[Also] surround yourself with people who know more than you do, because they add value when you’re starting your own business.”

ModelCo has a string of top-selling products in its stable, but Barrett says her proudest achievement is the cult favourite, Tan Airbrush in a Can. (Post continues after gallery.)

“It truly transcended convention and changed the way women tan forever and started a global beauty category. So to think I started such a phenomenon with that one product, is a proud moment,” she says.

What’s your favourite ModelCo product?

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