Sheer nail polish: The easiest, freshest new nail look.

Sheer nail polishes by L’Oreal, Dior and Orly. Worn: Dior Nail Glow. (Source: Supplied.)

Finally, a nail trend that’s gorgeous and easy to wear. Sheer nail tints are the ultimate lazy-woman approach to pretty, chic nails.

Jelly-like shades make for easy application, and chips or mistakes are barely visible. Winning.

With bizarre and uncomfortable “bubble nails” on the loose, and nail art being only for those with oodles of time and money, these lolly-coloured nails are a breath of fresh air.

Dior Nail Glow, $39.00, available at Sephora. (Source: Carla GS.)

Leading the pack in the cellophane nail hues is Dior Nail Glow, $39.00, which appears as a neon pink in the bottle, but creates a shiny, healthy nail effect once applied.

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The package describes it as an “instant French nail manicure effect”, but without all the hassle. Pick it up on your next obsessive trawl through Sephora.

Carla GS wears Dior Nail Glow. (Source: Supplied.)
Carla' nails before Dior Nail Glow. (Source: Supplied.)

Dior’s Nail Glow is part of its Glow range which includes a lip balm, blush and primer. And, may I just say... isn’t “Glow” the perfect, beauty-centric name? Uh-huh.

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L'Oreal Infallible Gel Nail Polish, top to bottom: Irresistible Bonbon, Orange Extreme, and Red Infallible. (Source: Carla GS.)

A close, budget-friendly match is L’Oreal Infallible Gel Nail Polish, $12.95. These double-ended nail polishes include an opaque nail polish and a tinted, transparent nail polish.

I like to wear the sheer polish just on its own, for a fresh and unexpected look. The crystal clear Red Infallible shade resembles a melted red Icy Pole, and is a slightly more vibrant sister to Dior’s Nail Glow. (Post continues after gallery.)

Orly Nail Lacquer in Love Each Other, $18.95. (Source: Carla GS.)

If sparkling is a way of life for you, try Orly Nail Lacquer in Love Each Other, $18.95. This is a clear nail polish with an exciting difference: tiny flecks of intergalactic purple glimmering goodness.

It’s the perfect nail polish if you like your nails to have a colourful, fashion-forward edge, while still being office-friendly.

Orly Nail Lacquer in Love Each Other, close-up. (Source: Carla GS.)
Carla's nails before Orly Love Each Other. (Source: Supplied.)

With spring around the corner, sheer nails are the perfect way to edge your look into a sunnier, easier approach to beauty. And the best part? They'll match all of your outfits.

Will you give this sweet trend a try?