She was 17, he was 48. And now Ricky Nixon gets to tell the world all about it.

“Winner winner ChickenDinner can fully publish yeeesssssssss … Toot Toot!!!”

That’s what Ricky Nixon tweeted when he found out that a judge ruled he could publish his tell-all autobiography, My Side, about Kim Duthie.

This digital high-five came shortly after his jubilant fist pumping on the street outside the court where the case was heard.

Nixon is happy. He can print his self-published book, which purports to tell “the truth that only family and close friends knew”.

Nixon had seen off an attempt by a woman named Kim Duthie to prevent the publishing of the book, which she says cast her as a “slut and a prostitute” and a “seductress”.

Duthie was just 17 when she came to the nation’s attention. She shared images of several players (including Nixon’s client Nick Riewoldt) in their underwear, earning her the factual but sleazy nickname, ‘The St Kilda School Girl’. Not long after her first revelations, she released an image of famed football player agent, Nixon. In the photo, Nixon was wearing striped undies and kneeling on a bed. The implications seemed clear, but Duthie left it in no doubt: She claimed that she and Nixon had sex and did drugs together.

Nixon at the time admitted to visiting the girl on three occasions at her hotel (including on Valentine’s Day) and giving her alcohol. Duthie said that they were having an affair, though she claimed to not know that Nixon was married.

Ricky Nixon’s tell-all book “My Side”.

Then in a bizarre twist, Duthie went on TV and said that she had made it all up: She and Nixon had never had sex and had never done drugs together (Duthie has subsequently said that Nixon had paid her $500 to make the public retraction, and promised her even more.)


Watch the interview when Kim Duthie retracted her story on The Project:

Video via Channel 10

In My Side, Dixon has now written his own truth. Among other things, he says that Duthrie drugged him by forcing a drink on him that she had spiked, after he drove her to a CBD hotel.

He wrote in his affidavit filed as part of his most recent court case,

“When I arrived at the hotel room I remember her insisting I have something to drink. So I did. Unfortunately, something laced with GBH, a liquid drug where the taste can be hidden by fruit juice, makes you lose control of your inhibitions. “I kept saying, ‘I don’t want a drink.’ But she kept thrusting them at me.”

He denied that he and Duthie had ever had sex, and claimed that they had never taken drugs together.

As part of her request for the court to supress the chapters of his book that relate to her (she is not named directly), Duthie has told a very different story.

She says that they were intimate and he gave her drugs:

“He arranged for a taxi to pick me up and bring me to his holiday home … I spent the night with him. We had intimate relations.

We went back to a hotel room in Little Collins St, Melbourne. We spent the night together in this hotel room during which time Nixon produced a bag of cocaine which he ingested and which he invited me to ingest. We had intimate relations.”

She says that during this period she was very confused and did things that she regrets, including sharing the naked pictures of St Kilda players.

Duthie also claims that Nixon abused her physically and verbally:

“While he was driving with me in the car, a few times he drove at speeds that I believe were above 150km/h. He was shouting at me. He said “I’m just going to end this all. I will drive us into the Yarra River.

He braked the car suddenly, causing me to strike my face on the dashboard.

He was shouting at me. Sitting in the driver’s seat, he punched me in the face with his fist once, in the area of my eyes. Nixon screamed or shouted words to the effect that he was going to kill me, and that he was going to kill my family.”

The two accounts couldn’t be more different. From Nixon’s point of view, he was a stand-up guy who helped out a 17 year old girl by driving her to a hotel. Once there, she forced him to drink and drugged him. It was while he was in this vulnerable state that she took compromising photos of him.


In Duthie’s account, she was a confused 17 year old school girl partying with AFL players and a sports agent. She was sleeping with an older man, who gave her expensive drugs. He abused her and threatened her life.

While both are asserting their version of events, there are some things that remain uncontested:

Kim Duthie was 17.

She was in high school.

Nixon was 48.

He brought alcohol to her room on a number of occasions.

In early 2013, Nixon pleaded guilty to assaulting his ex-fiance. He was sentenced to 200 hours of community service.

By no means does that suggest Nixon did any of the things that have been alleged, but it does go some way to explaining why a woman, who is now in her early 20s might be deeply impacted by Nixon self-publishing his claims.

Photo evidence submitted to the court of the injuries of Nixon’s former fiance, Tegan Gould.

At 17, Kim Duthie couldn’t vote. She couldn’t legally drink. She couldn’t give blood or leave school. She couldn’t get a passport (without parental permission), a tattoo or an intimate piercing. She couldn’t even buy a simple lotto ticket.

There was so much Duthie couldn’t do. But the things she did do at 17? Those things will not only be forever floating around the internet, it will also be recorded in hard copy with the picture of the man that she has accused of abusing her smiling from the front cover.


At the time of his interactions with Duthie, Nixon was an adult man. He had been on this earth almost 50 years. Married and with a family. He was the most successful sports agent in the country with a client list that included some of the most powerful men in football.

That grown man, that successful man, was in a powerful and enviable position. So why then was he texting a 17 year old girl? Why was he bringing her alcohol? Why was he driving her to a CBD hotel? Why was he visiting her on Valentine’s Day? Or perhaps more importantly: What is a 17 year old’s motivation to drug and take advantage of a 48 year old man?

Kim Duthie and Ricky Nixon (both images via Twitter)

On even the most favourable reading, there was something amiss in what happened in 2011. Something not right. Certainly something sleazy and unethical. On any reading, Kim Duthie was a victim. She was taken advantage of.

Even now, several years on, Duthie can’t escape what happened to her at 17. For the rest of her days, Duthie will always be ‘The St Kilda School Girl’. Someone, somewhere will always harbour a notion that she was some Lolita who forced a drugged drink on a man in his late-40s.

Last year, when Nixon was charged with drink driving and sentenced to having a interlock device fitted to his car, Nixon screamed at the magistrate, “it’s not fair!”.

Thanks to another judge’s decision last week, Nixon now gets to print a book that explains why a 17 year old girl ended up with photos of him, a 48 year old man in his undies.

That’s more than unfair. It’s cruel. It’s petty. And it’s not right.