She looks pretty damn good for a woman with 17.5 children.

If you’re as obsessed as I am with The Duggars, the very Christian family who are expecting their 18th child, have I got a treat for you. Below is an inadvertently hilarious youtube post from Ma and Pa Dugger announcing said impending birth the morning after doing a pregnancy test. At one point, Jim Bob is all like, show the people the wee stick Michelle, and Michelle is like, no Jim Bob, that would be un-Godly.

There are photos of the Duggar’s house here and it’s a slide-show well worth seeing. It looks more like a conference centre than a house and there is a full-service restaurant in their kitchen. None of the kids have wardrobes in their rooms, they go to the laundry room and choose something ugly from the racks of clothes.
When a clip about the Duggar family and their dozens of kids was posted on another blog, I have to share with you one of the comments:
"This just goes to show that you should never let anyone called Jim Bob near your coochie. No good will come of it."

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