A midwife has a clear message about what to do with your pubic hair before giving birth.

If you’ve ever wondered what you should do about your pubic hair before giving birth, you’re not alone.

Although we doubt it would enter into your ‘Top Five’ concerns while in labour, we’re a little bit curious as to whether or not midwives have a… preference… regarding the upkeep of our nether regions.

The truth is (unsurprisingly) they couldn’t care less.

A post was shared on Reddit this week titled, ‘Birth and pubic hair. From a midwife,’ and her advice was frank, honest and very reassuring.

“Please don’t worry about pubic hair. We don’t even notice as long as you have showered in the last week,” the midwife going by the username lozza2442 said.

“As long as the baby can come out, we don’t care if you’re full bush, bald as a baby, or something exciting like a lightening bolt/vajazzled. I don’t even notice any more.”

And, phew… although anybody who manages to vajazzle their pubes with a belly that’s eight months pregnant, quite frankly deserves a medal.

However, if for some reason, they do need to shave you – like in the event of a c-section – lozza2442 specified they can do that before the operation.

“It doesn’t affect stitches or anything to do with our work. If you have a csection we can shave the important part for you with a sterile razor,” she continued.

“Please don’t get yourself into an uncomfortable position trying to do something for us, cause [sic] we won’t even notice. It’s like getting your hair done and your husband/friends not even noticing.”

Mums and non-mums answer questions about childbirth, and oh goodness… the difference between the two is hilarious.

Video by MMC

Other midwives and OB/GYNs shared a similar sentiment.

“As an ob/gyn – 100 per cent agreed. And it’s not only pubic hair… hemorrhoids, interesting tattoos and piercings in your nether areas… anyone who’s been delivering babies for a few years has seen it all. Aside from safety and some basic hygiene, it really doesn’t bother us,” shared an OB/GYN.

However, Lozza2442 said the only time she’s noticed a patient’s hoo-hah was when they had a particularly novel tattoo on her labia minora.

Sidenote: ouch?

“Yeah I have to say, I never realised how many people have tattoos there… Surely getting them done would have hurt… Saw someone who had a tattoo on her labia minora tattooed, just a little cat tattoo hiding there…” she wrote.

“If there’s nothing out of the expected, I don’t [notice]. But if there’s suddenly a cat staring and waving at me I remember.”

Despite this, while pubic hair is no issue, apparently birth staff do notice the state of your socks.

“I don’t care about shaving but clean socks are always appreciated,” shared rninnj.

Another agreed: “Omg yes. Some of the rank holey birth socks that come in”

So, the unanimous decision among the medical community is clear: they’re more concerned about safely delivering your baby than the appearance of your pubes or genitals.

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