This man's clever idea just landed a record $2.5 million investment on Shark Tank.

Kane Bodiam practised his pitch 500 times before presenting iCapsulate on Tuesday night’s episode of Shark Tank, his hands shaking as he poured coffee to the hungry Sharks.

Turns out he needn’t have worried, with global investor and business man, Andrew Banks throwing a casual $2.5 million into his coffee capsule company for a 22.5 per cent stake.

It’s the biggest deal ever to be done in the three seasons of the Channel 10 reality show, with the previous highest a measly $750,000.

The former Gloria Jeans global coffee manager turned entrepreneur spoke of his nerves before the big moment, saying “it all went out the window” once he got in front of the Sharks.

"When I started to serve them coffee I thought I was going to drop one of the cups." (Image: Ten)

"As soon as the doors opened and the sharks were looking at me the shakes started and the sweats came," he said, according to

"When I started to serve them coffee I thought I was going to drop one of the cups."

But despite his nerves, the 36-year-old's presentation had fellow Shark, Naomi Simson battling it out with Banks for a stake in iCapsulate, which will launch the first Australian standard biodegradable coffee capsule in August.


But it was in fact Banks who Bodiam was targeting all along, whose connections in the US and close friendship Vittoria Coffee owner, Les Schirato would have the biggest potential to benefit his business.

"The world is desperate for biodegradable coffee pods," Banks said of his newest business venture. "Australia alone uses a billion pods and they go into land fill. iCapsulate could scale up to be a $50 million to $70 million business if all went well."

In just 18 short months, Bodiam's iCapsulate has racked up $4 million in sales, producing 35 million pods a year.

With Banks' $2.5 million investment, the company is now valued at $16.6 million.

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